MBS college in Bhaktapur

A handful of good colleges offer Master of Business Studies programs in Bhaktapur. These Colleges have proper facilities and better services with outstanding results and career opportunities after graduation all over Nepal. The main Colleges in Bhaktapur for MBS studies are:

Bageswori College

Bageswori College is a community college in Tumacho, Kamalbinayak Bhaktapur. The College is running under the capable guidance of the management committee, teaching and non-teaching staff, hard-working students, committed academicians, guardians and well-wishers for support and motivation. The College provides two years, semester-wise MBS program for those students who have graduated with Bachelor of Business Studies qualifications. It takes 100 students in yearly admissions. The College provides advanced research and studies in Management under qualified and professionally ahead faculty of lecturers.

Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

Bhaktapur Multiple Campus is in Doodthpati 17 Bhaktapur. It is a constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University. It has only one program at the Masters's level, which is the Master of Business Studies. This program infuses entrepreneurial, research and leadership qualities with advanced knowledge in all the functional areas of business management. It combines theory papers with project reports. The cost of education is muchly affordable to students of different social backgrounds. The Faculty of Management opens admissions with entrance exams and maintains the overall evaluation of academic performance by students.

Khowpa College

Khowpa College is in Dekocha, Bhaktapur. It was founded in 1999 and offered affordable education programs to students who come here from all 65 districts of Nepal. The College has fully equipped labs, a resourceful library, multimedia and OHP, indoor and outdoor co-curricular activities, a cafeteria, internet, an auditorium, and sports grounds. Master of Business Studies is two years program at FOM, Tribhuvan University. It is a total of 60 credit hours of the study program with research works to equip all essential and strategic management concepts in the social, economic, and political milieu of national and global levels.

Chanakya College of Management

Chanakya College of Management has been the best education provider in the country since 2006. It is situated in Shankhadhar chowk, Madyapur thimi Bhaktapur. The MBS is a two years program which started in March 2020 to provide skill sets and knowledge to work as entrepreneurs and business professionals at Tribhuvan University. The teaching methodology combines lectures, individual and group presentations, group discussions, field visits, seminars, individual research, and reading assignments. The facilities for students are counselling, well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, and library halls, with highly qualified faculty responsible for sharpening the knowledge of MBS students.

Top Companies in Bhaktapur:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Nepo Textiles Industry Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tamrakar Corporate group
  • Elite, versatile solutions
  • National Life Insurance
  • CTL Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

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