MBS college in Chitwan

Birendra Multiple Campus:

Birendra Multiple Campus was established in 2022 B.S. It is a constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University and a community-based campus with proper facilities and, resources, scholarships in the Bachelor's and Masters's programs of this Campus. The two years Master of Business Studies program started at Birendra Multiple Campus in 2064 B.S. It is four semesters total study period and has a practical subject like research methodology.

Janaadarsha Multiple Campus:

Janaadarsha Multiple Campus is in Rapti Municipality in the eastern part of Chitwan. The College provides facilities such as a library, transportation, hostel, scholarship, transportation, cafeteria, library, career and counselling, and conference hall, and holds periodic exhibitions and seminars. This College has been QAA certified, a standard quality education benchmark. The Master of Business Studies is two years program recognized and approved by The University Grants commissions. The fee structures are reasonable for students. It is helpful to become Managers with good managerial and strategic skills who can channel through changes in the modern business environment.

Saptagandaki Multiple Campus:

Saptagandaki Campus was established in 1988. It is a leading community campus of Tribhuvan University. The College offers Bachelor's and Masters's programs and features facilities such as labs, a library, parking, classrooms, and scholarships, and is taught by full-time and visiting faculties. Students must have completed BBS to study two years of Master of Business Studies programs. The course has specializations in accountancy, finance, marketing, and management areas.

Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus:

Shaheed Smirit Multiple Campus in Ratnanagar, Chitwan was established in 2037 B.S. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University with quantitative teaching methods, public support, and fully experienced lecturers. The MBS program at Shaheed Smriti Campus covers knowledge and skills of the business environment from national and international perspectives. Shaheed Smriti Campus provides gold medals for top students and scholarships for under privilege and disadvantaged groups. It has internship and research opportunities. The classroom studies involve field visits, discussions, power point presentations and peer work studies.

Shanti Academy Multiple Campus:

Shanti Academy Multiple College is in Bharatpur, Chitwan. This College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University for a Master of Business Studies two years, four semesters program. It provides quality education with innovative approaches and facilities such as computer labs, classrooms, well-stocked library. Shanti Academy College, since 2060 B.S., has been offering quality and industry-oriented real-life education and practical skills to its students.

Maiya devi Girls College:

Maiya Devi Girls College is a leading and independent public College for girls' education in Bharatpur, Chitwan. It is a community College and offers Tribhuvan university-affiliated Bachelor's and Master's programs in Management and other areas. Maiya Devi Girls College is one of the public colleges providing a Master of Business Studies education. The program helps to develop entrepreneurial decision-making capabilities along with skills in all functional areas of business in Managerial roles.

Bhawani Shankar Multiple College:

Bhawani Shankar Multiple College was established in 2059 B.S. and took Tribhuvan University's affiliated programs for the Bachelor level. It is accredited by Quality Assurance and Accreditation certification for quality and life-based learning. The education cost is low and affordable for economically weak communities also. The College has well-developed infrastructures, unlimited internet facilities, reasonable fee structures, field visits and educational tours. The MBS program at Bhawani Shanker Multiple Campus has an intake of 35 seats. This program provides knowledge and competencies on functional aspects of overall management functions of modern enterprises and helps in attaining managerial and leadership roles.

Balkumari College:

Balkumari College is in Narayangardh, Chitwan. This is a leading College in Chitwan which has an edge in placement and further education and has been QAA certified also. Under the Management Committee, the College has a head of departments of academic programs, a general administration department and additional programs like a Research Management Cell, external affairs unit, first aid, scholarship committee, student counselling and placement cell. The Master of Business Studies was started in 2057 B.S. It is two years four semesters program with core courses, specialization courses and dissertations. The program in charge is Mr Baburam Panthi.

Managerial Organizations in Chitwan:

  • Infinity ideas Management services
  • Maskey Consultancy services
  • Kandel Enterprises
  • SP Consult
  • United Finance Limited

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