MBS Colleges in Kathmandu

Nepal Commerce Campus

Nepal Commerce Campus, also known as the min Bhawan Campus is the oldest Tribhuvan University Campus in Minbhavan Kathmandu. It runs the Master of Business Studies program of T.U., and this Campus is a centre of excellence in Management studies. NCC has well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, full-time faculty of departments, library, supporting teaching and research programs for students in the academic program. The entrance exam called CMAT is taken by the Faculty of Management for admission to the MBS program of two years with specialization courses in Nepal Commerce Campus.

Padmakanya Multiple Campus

Padmakanya Multiple Campus is in Bagbazaar, Kathmandu. It is a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University with five own buildings and facilities such as a library with internet, computer labs, and old hostel buildings. It runs two years MBS program of T.U. Faculty of Management. This is a leading girls' Campus in Nepal.

Pashupati Multiple Campus

Pashupati Multiple Campus is in Mitrapark, Chabahil. This College has been approved by University Grants Commissions for higher education in Nepal. It runs two years Master of Business studies program of T.U. and other programs also. The College have well-experienced and qualified Faculty members, ECA, a library, spacious and ventilated classrooms, affordable fee structures, a canteen and a peaceful environment for learning.

Public Youth Campus

It is also a Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University at Dhobichaur, Kathmandu. It provides top-quality academic knowledge and education from Faculties of high-quality teachers and researchers. The College have well-equipped classrooms and libraries and a good environment for learning.

Saraswati Multiple Campus

Saraswati Multiple Campus is a leading Campus for higher education in Lainchaur, Kathmandu. It is QAA Certified Campus. The Chief of the Campus is Dr Golman Gurung. It provides MBS programs to produce Competent Managers in all functional areas of business in Nepal. Since 2016 it has been a Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University.

Baneshwor Campus

Baneshwor Campus at Shantinagar, Baneshwor, is affiliated with Tribhuvan University for running Bachelor and Master level programs. The Campus has motivated, experienced and committed Faculties responsible for imparting knowledge and wisdom from their academic programs. The MBS is two years semester-based program which started in 2018. It has core courses, specialization courses and dissertation work for students. The Campus has adequate modern infrastructures and a resourceful library with reference materials, a research hall, computer lab rooms, cafeteria and provides a scholarship for poor but genius students.

Ambition College

Ambition College is a product of a foundation called Ambition academy which was incepted in 2060 B.S. It provides teaching in small class groups, state-of-the-art resources and highly qualified teaching professionals in popular programs such as the Master of Business Studies of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. The College provides the best teaching methodologies, better results, better learning environment from New Baneshwor Kathmandu.

Canvas International College

Canvas International College is in Basundhara, Kathmandu. It is a pool of academic excellence with new teams of Professionals from different areas and smart, brilliant students to empower with knowledge and life-based skills through different academic programs. This College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and its Master of Business Studies program also. The course combines lectures, project work, case studies, and PowerPoint presentations for achieving a postgraduate business degree to work as capable Managers and Leaders in business fields.

Bouddha Multiple Campus

Bouddha Multiple Campus is in Bouddha Kathmandu. It was established in 2066 and is a community institution for affordable and premium education academically. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and Lumbini Buddhist University. The MBS program is of two years from T.U. and has specializations in finance, accountancy, Management and marketing.

College of Business Management

College of Business Management was established in 1997. It has modern and innovative teaching methodologies to impart knowledge and build skills for students of higher education to cope with real-life scenarios. The MBS program is two years, 60-credit hours program with a total of four semesters. The College provides training in its Management labs, practical-based learning and a research-oriented curriculum to touch the modern global business situation. It has ECA for students. The total cost of this program is Rs 180000, excluding scholarships. This College is Tribhuvan University, affiliated with Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

Ed Mark Academy

Ed Mark Academy is in Kamaladi, Kathmandu. This College was established in 1999. It runs Plus2, Bachelor and Master level programs. MBS programs enable students to work as competent Managers with the required conceptual skills of business and Management. It helps to develop research capabilities. The College provides modern facilities such as an auditorium, canteen, library, laboratory and Information technology centre.

Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus

This Campus is in Dillibazaar, Kathmandu. It runs an MBS program affiliated with Tribhuvan University at the Masters's level. The College has highly qualified and experienced faculties. The program is for two years, and to become eligible, the Graduates must have passed the CMAT entrance test. Dillibazar Kanya Multiple campuses have the best infrastructures for the teaching and learning process at an affordable cost for all students.

Global College of Management

Global College of Management is the best institute for learning Management programs for the communities of Kathmandu to become world-class leaders and Managers of national and multinational organizations. The MBS program at Global College is designed by Tribhuvan university. Global College uses student-centric teaching methods, issue-based seminars and group discussions, case studies, industrial visits, interactive learning and presentations, thesis and project work, writing and publishing, and internships. The College has facilities such as computer labs, library, transportation, canteen, scholarship, reading lounge, auditorium hall and research centre.

Everest College

Everest College truly is a Management College in Thapathali, Kathmandu. It excels in theoretical and practical education from Grade 11 till the Master in Business Studies program of Tribhuvan university under the semester-based system. This program has a good career scope in Management and Financial fields with a hundred per cent job placements. It also helps to build entrepreneurial capabilities. Everest College has proper facilities such as basketball, table tennis, a library, a cafeteria and computer labs.

Gramin Adarsha Multiple College

Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus is in Nepal tar, Tarkareshwor Kathmandu. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, which provides affordable academic programs to community students. The facilities provided to students are computer and science labs seminar hall. The Master of Business Studies is a Tribhuvan University-affiliated postgraduate Management program also approved by University Grants Commission Nepal. The program provides advanced knowledge of managerial functions and underlying concepts in all functional areas of businesses.

Greenfield National College

Greenfield National College is in Bafal, Sitapaila Kathmandu. This College was established in 2007 for the advancement of Nepalese societies to modern changes taking place globally with cutting technology and innovations. MBS programs equip knowledge and skills for high-level managerial roles in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing and general Management.

Golden gate College

Golden Gate International College is situated in the metropolitan city of Battisputali, Kathmandu. The College is an academia of learning with senior faculties with national and international exposure teaching at different academic programs. The Master of Business Studies program at Golden Gate College is Tribhuvan University-affiliated Two years program. Due to the natural learning environment, Golden Gate students forge successfully in professional fields and instate in Managerial and leadership roles of national and international organizations.

Janamaitri Multiple Campus

This is the best community college in Kuleshwor, Kathmandu. It has had a milestone of educational experience since its establishment in 2001. The Campus has well-extended physical facilities and resources to be used by students to enhance their learning and personal development skills. The Master of Business Studies program is a course of the Faculty of Management Tribhuvan university that develop overall knowledge and skills in both national and international situations. The course components are three tiered with core courses, specialization courses and dissertation works. Janamaitri Multiple Campus has a student council and also counselling and placement units.

Himalaya College

Himalaya College is situated in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. This College has an updated approach to teaching methodology besides conventional patterns. It has ultramodern infrastructures such as well-equipped science, hotel management and computer labs, wi-fi, library, multimedia facilities, ECA, and seminars held periodically. The tuition fees of all programs are affordable for most students and Parents. The Master of Business Studies program is two years program to function as managers, planners and decision-makers. This program is designed by Tribhuvan University.

Jaya Multiple Campus

Jaya Multiple Campus is in Gokarneshwor, Makalbari Kathmandu. This Campus is a non-profit co-ed academic institution with outstanding academic programs that engage in capacity building of their students through the power of reasoning and foster character, conviction, courage and courtesy in a congenial atmosphere. The Master of Business Studies program of Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management allows students to work in higher-level managerial positions of different organizations through a core understanding of Management principles and applications in functional areas like General Management, Finance, Marketing and Accounting along with the global business environment.

Kathmandu Bernhardt College

Kathmandu Bernhardt College is the first private College in Nepal. This College has QAA accredited Tribhuvan University-affiliated College in Bafal, Ringroad, Kathmandu. It provides a plus2 to a master's program, including a Master of Business Studies. MBS program is a study of a total of 1000 marks with analytical and core courses-14, specialization courses-2, thesis and seminar paper. This College is in Bafal, ring road.

Kist College

Kist College is centrally located in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. This College was established in 1995 and offered T.U. Bachelors and Masters programs. The College has student centred and caring approach. It has well-managed transportation facilities, well-equipped labs, and e-libraries. The Master of Business Studies program meets the demands of high-level organizations in their Managerial roles in business, industry, government and non-government sectors. Kist has excellent facilities, effective methodologies, systematic assignments, continuous assessment, e-learning, and discipline for smooth learning.

Kathmandu Model College

Kathmandu Model College is Tribhuvan University-affiliated College in Bagbazaar Kathmandu by reputed academicians and professionals. It provides academic programs in the state of the art facilities and infrastructures with its own labs, classrooms, library, hostels, cafeteria, sports, healthcare, seminar hall, counselling and motivational classes, ECA and security of students. The MBS program of two years is post graduation degree with advanced and higher learning in Business Management fields to outsource skilled and effective Managers and leaders to work in enterprise settings at the top and middle-level managerial positions to lead modern-day organizations towards their goals.

Laliguras Rastriya College

Laliguras Rashtriya College is in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. This College was established in 2060 B.S. and has produced great scholars in different professional fields from the past. It has a well-facilitated and huge building with fifty certified teachers and 50 toppers in the past years. Besides two Bachelor programs, Laliguras Rashtriya College provides two years T.U. affiliated MBS programs in morning and day shifts. The College has state-of-the-art facilities and resources such as personal career guidance and counselling and full and partial academic scholarships (academic and sports) for deserving students.

Nepal Mega College

Nepal Mega College is a mega centre for academic excellence. This College was established in 2011. It is situated in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The College offers Plus2, Undergraduate and Graduate programs. The Master of Business Studies at Mega equips students with skills, techniques and understandings of general Management functions in an organization structure with technical skills. It has the latest teaching-learning techniques like Multimedia, presentations, project work, interactions, field visits, audio-visual facility and job placement opportunities. This program is taught by renowned teaching and working professionals in Babarmahal, Kathmandu.

Morgan International College

Morgan International College is in Basundhara, Kathmandu. It was established in 2004 and run by experienced and qualified, completely committed academicians. It has an excellent teaching and learning environment, ultra-modern physical infrastructures, affordable fees, well-furnished hostels, training, workshops and seminars periodically. The study MBS program at Morgan should have completed the BBS program from Tribhuvan university and passed the CMAT admission test. Students' intake in the MBS program is 40 seats.

Rainbow International College

Rainbow International College is in Chhauni, Dallu. This College was established in 1994 by scholars and academicians from all walks of with professional advice and education for students. It provides excellence in areas of technical, managerial and professional education. The College has student Counseling services, job placement guarantees, opportunity to study abroad, transportation, recreational, multimedia classrooms, field visits, internships and guaranteed job placements for their students. The MBS is two-year postgraduate Management studies with knowledge and skills of the business environment to produce managers and leaders in national and international business sectors.

Premier College

Premier College can be found in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified College led by highly qualified faculty of the Premier team of educationists. It provides tech-friendly education in different programs. Master of Business Studies enables students to work as competent Managers in the business field. Premier guarantees job placements and paid internships for MBS students. It provides regular banking and non-banking workshops and seminars, internship and job placement for deserving students.

Richmond International College

Richmond International College is in Lik Marga, Kalanki Kathmandu. This College, run by a team of academicians, produce qualified, ethical and confident citizens in increasing complex worldly affairs. It has excellent facilities such as a library, scholarship, transportation, lab, medical care, hostel, canteen and sports. The MBS at this College is two years Tribhuvan University-affiliated Management program to produce high-level working professionals in modern and advanced Organizations with national and international exposure.

Southwestern State College

Southwestern State College in Basundhara Kathmandu is T.U. affiliated and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified College running Plus two till P.hD programs. The College provides online learning resources for students along with facilities like scholarships, transportation, security, free medical checkup and online payment options. MBS is two years T.U. program to have careers in managerial positions in various industries and organizations. It also develops entrepreneurial skills.

Samata College

Samata College is in Bouddha, Kathmandu. This College was established under the Samata education trust. It provides all-rounded quality education at a minimal cost to students of all social backgrounds. MBS is a two years program with a thesis and seminar paper in all functional business areas to produce skilled managers and leaders of organizations and develop research abilities. Students have to appear and pass the CMAT admission test conducted by T.U. to study MBS at Samata College.

Texas International College

Texas International College is in Mitrapark, Chabahil. This College has been under the directives of the Texas International Education network since 2010. It offers professional courses at Bachelors's and Masters's levels. Master of Business Studies is two years, four semesters program accredited by Tribhuvan university. It provides a solid base to work in business, industry, government and non-government sectors. Texas has a continuous assessment system of students, multimedia and I.T. backed classes, project work, research work and paper presentations on a regular basis. It also has internships with banks and corporate houses. Texas Int’L College has ultra-modern facilities and resources for students of various programs.

St Xaviers College

St. Xaviers College is in Maitighar, Kathmandu. It is College established by Jesuits in Nepal with educational excellence and services to others. The Master of Business Studies program is provided at St. Xavier College in their postgraduate studies. It is a Tribhuvan University-affiliated program to develop knowledge and skills, research, entrepreneurial and conceptual skills in managerial, financial and entrepreneurial areas of business.

Thames International College

Thames International College is in Suryabinayak gyanwlimarg, Old Baneshwor. This is where learning is a way of Life. It has the school of Social Sciences, School of Business Technology, and Center for Continuing education to provide Master of Business Studies programs and University Preparatory programs. MBS is two years four semesters program at Tribhuvan University. The cost of education at MBS is Rs 144000 in total.

Triton College

Triton International College is in Subidhanagar, Tinkune Kathmandu. It is affiliated with National Examination Board for Plus 2 and Tribhuvan University for Bachelor and Masters programs. It is a sister concern of the DV educational network. The Master of Business Studies program is two years semester-wise program to function managers with a wide range of accounting, management, finance and marketing knowledge in all functions of business Management. The entrance exam called CMAT will be taken by T.U. for admission to this program.

Times International College

Times International College at Dillibazaar Kathmandu is the modern-day College for innovative teaching and learning approaches and making them applied and career-oriented for each student to excel globally presented opportunities. Besides Plus2 and Bachelors, Times provide a Master of Business Studies program instilling knowledge and research-based learning along with project work, case studies, group work, presentations and valuable lectures from bonafide teaching faculties to MBS students. Times is T.U. affiliated and an ISO Certified College.

Some business organizations in Kathmandu that seek out MBS graduates:

  • Chaudhary Group
  • IME Group
  • Jyoti Group
  • Kedia Organization
  • Khetan group
  • Mahato group of industries
  • Global IME Bank
  • Himalayan bank
  • Prime Commercial bank
  • Lumbini bikash bank
  • Standard chartered bank
  • Nepal Investment bank
  • Nepal insurance company
  • Premier insurance company
  • Met Life American life insurance Company
  • Daraz.com
  • Hulas motors
  • Ncell
  • Nepal Stock Exchange
  • Smart cell ETC.

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