MBS Colleges in Lalitpur

Here is the popular Master of Business Studies (M.B.S.) Colleges for management graduates in the Lalitpur area to hone and sharpen Managerial and operations skills in various working environments.

Patan Multiple Campus

It is the most popular Tribhuvan University constituent campus at Patan Dhoka Lalitpur. It offers two years, four semesters Master of Business Studies program at Tribhuvan University. The College provides quality and affordable education to the public and has well-rounded facilities and resources, faculties of teachers and students ratios along with a library, computer labs, parking, auditorium, multimedia classrooms, counselling and scholarships for outstanding students. The M.B.S. program is designed to meet the managerial challenges in day-to-day business functions and make decisions on management to carry out tasks effectively.

Caspian Valley College

Caspian Valley College is at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. It offers Tribhuvan University's B.B.S. and M.B.S. programs. Caspians have provided excellent academic results for their students, well-equipped facilities and resources, dedicated faculties and their effective teaching methodologies. The M.B.S. program is for two years, and it plays an integral part in the life of students to become capable managers and leaders with overall knowledge of functional areas of Business Management and entrepreneurship.

Caribbean College

The Caribbean is a digital-age College and an integral part of the Caribbean Education Foundation. It offers visionary, innovative and practical life-based teachings. The Caribbean College of Management runs the Master of Business Studies program. The College offers merit-based, need-based and Extracurricular activities scholarships. The program provides the required conceptual area of business and management. The two years, semester-wise program designed by FOM of Tribhuvan University is for upcoming generations of Managers, consultants, leaders and pioneers in different sectors of enterprises.

Jana Bhawana Campus

Jana bhawana Campus is situated in Godawari, Chapagaon Lalitpur. It is Tribhuvan University affiliated College with Bachelor and Masters programs. The governance of the Campus is monitored by the Campus assembly. The Campus also provides scholarships and career services to its graduates. The Master of Business Studies is a semester-based curriculum of Tribhuvan University of two years and four semesters. It draws knowledge towards functional areas of management o produce much-demanded high-level Managers of medium and large enterprises.

D.A.V. College

D.A.V. Colleges advanced and innovative education makes students the future bosses of tomorrow. This College has been operating successfully at Tribhuvan University's Bachelor's and Masters's level programs. It has well rounded modern facilities such as a resourceful library, canteen, three auditoriums, computer lab, science labs, sports, industry labs, I.T. Clubs etc. The M.B.S. program aspires to build future Managers and leaders through innovations, learning attitude, experiential learning, mind mapping, incubation and management lab, mentorship, national and international conference, regular recruitment activities of their students in the two years semester-wise program of T.U., FOM.

NIMS College

NIMS College was established in 2007. It provides affordable higher education in Nepal. This College offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses from Kanibaha, Lagankhel. The College also forays into areas of research and innovations in the teaching-learning process. The Master of Business Studies is two years Faculty of Management program at Tribhuvan University. The M.B.S. program is a semester based with courses in finance, marketing, management and accountancy. The College has qualified teachers, good facilities and learning resources, and real-world classrooms.

Nesfield College

Nesfield International College is in Batukbhairab, Lagankhel Lalitpur. It is a Q.A.A. Certified academic institution. It runs an M.B.S. program of two years, four semesters of T.U. with three credit hours subjects which have core, specialization and research courses. Nesfield College has cells such as a Research Management cell, Internal quality assurance committee, library management cell, finance and facilities development centre, career guidance cell, student mobilization cell etc., to provide quality and output-oriented education and research.

United College

United College was established in 2058 B.S. It is at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The graduate program of United College provides students with opportunities to enhance professionalism and a sense of strategic outlook to Management problems. The Master of Business program has been devised to impart students management areas strategic knowledge to meet higher level job demands in Managerial organizations. It is two years, four semesters academic program of graduation level by the Faculty of Management Tribhuvan University.

Ojashwi College

Ojashwi College at Gwarko Chowk Lalitpur is affiliated with the renowned and oldest Tribhuvan University of Nepal. The College provides professionally equipped academic knowledge in filling integrated and multicultural environments. The Master of Business Studies program is two years four semesters program with specialization courses, interactive lectures in classrooms, presentations, projects and case studies with suitable teaching-learning methods. Ojashwi College has produced 400 graduates already to work in high-level job positions in the job markets.

Vedas College

Vedas College is a catalyst for creating technical and professional education for youths of Nepal in Jawlakhel, Lalitpur. The College provides Bachelors's and Master's programs at Tribhuvan University. It provides education in a modern and dynamic environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources to back up students' education. M.B.S. is two years, semester-wise program at Tribhuvan University. It allows students to gain knowledge and exposure to the realm of Management functions and work as a leader or a manager in industry, business, government and non-government sectors.

Some managerial job vacancies in Lalitpur open periodically are for:

  • Communication Officer
  • Consultant
  • Project Officer
  • Finance Assistant
  • Sales Marketing officer
  • Accountant
  • Business Development Officers
  • Research officer
  • Procurement officer

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