MCA College in Butwal

BON College of Business and Technology:

BON College of Business and Technology is located in Milanchowk, Butwal 8. It offers a world-class Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program with specializations in courses such as cyber security or data analytics. The MCA program is accredited with Associate Membership of British Computer Society from the United Kingdom.

Students in the MCA program can study subjects like Full Stack, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing. They also have free access to LinkedIn Learning courses and virtual workshops run by IT professionals. This provides the post-graduates with numerous job opportunities in both the national and international markets.

IT Companies in Butwal that hire MCA Graduates:

  • Butwal Infotech Solutions
  • Infoxit Software Company
  • Tech Software Solutions
  • Vtech Software Solutions
  • Doersbase
  • Karma Studio

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