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Medhavi College

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Medhavi College is a large business school whose mission is to make a significant impact on this ongoing new generation of business educators. It is located in Shankhamul, New Baneshwor. It believes that individuals who graduate from this school will be capable to confront real-world business issues since the institution is totally committed to providing high-quality education and improving their self-reliance. Medhavi College has extensive expertise in business and management studies. In today's Nepal, management is crucial in all aspects of sustainable development and economic improvement.

Medhavi College only offers the BBA program. The curriculum is designed in such a way that pupils can increase their knowledge in a related topic before specializing in a specific area for a better future. Pokhara University is affiliated with this curriculum. Candidates will be ready to lay the groundwork for their future, whether it is for further education or for employment opportunities. After the end of the academic year, individuals must complete an internship program worth 3 credits and a summer project worth 3 credit points. The program lasts four years and is divided into eight semesters. During the first six semesters of the curriculum, Pupils obtain conceptual and fundamental knowledge. The last two semesters is made up of elective courses so that student can specialize in the specified area for the betterment of the future. It has a grading point system.


Facilities offered by Medhavi College are as follows:

Industrial Tours :

Regarding the course, the content is organized so that individuals can experience the practical and fundamental knowledge. Not only that but gaining practical education help them to lead successful life in future for the related fields.

Educational Tours:

It plays vital role to gain knowledge about how to handle the challenges and to solve the problems regarding real world situation.


All the resources such as text books and reference books are available at Medhavi College to meet the academic and research needs as per pupils demand. There is E- library with Wi-Fi facilities available inside the campus.

IT Labs:

Well equipped lab maintained computers are available which are all connected to internet. Also, machines for print and photocopies are available at Medhavi College.


Various varieties of food are available which are both healthy and equally priced to meet the demand of the students.

Additional Information

Admission Requirements

For this program, you must have complete 10+2 or equivalent with at least 45% minimum percentage or a GPA score of 2.0 is necessarily required. It is a full time course for 4 years and during the enrollment process guardians are required. In order to check their intellectual and professional capabilities, candidates must pass through various processes.

Admission Procedure

  • First of all, entry test regarding subject is taken to comprehend the insight capability and capacity of the candidates.
  • Then, the passed students are allowed for group discussion process in related topic.
  • After the completion of group discussion, an interview is taken by institution's representative. Once the interview is successful then the seat is confirmed for the admission.
  • Finally, forms and payment regarding the course is done and the individual is enrolled for the new study session at the institution.

The various programs at Medhavi College are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Information System

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Business Administration