Mid West Academy and Research Institute

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Phone: 082-522957 | Email: info@mari.edu.np | Website: http://www.mari.edu.np

Mid Western Academy and research institute was established in Tulsipur Dang. Since then it has been conducting Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program, to provide qualified and skilled human resources for agriculture sector. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science under Management of Mid Western academy and research institutes. It is also accessible from areas of Ghorahi, Lamahi, Amiliya in public transportation. Since its launch in 2070 B.S. it has already produced 500 graduates. It also has scholarship selection test which is conducted in winter season. Mid Western Academy and research institute is a conducive place for learning with well equipped College resources and facilities for each students to aid in their learning process.

Principal Message

Welcome to Campus of Live Science,

Mid Western academy and research institute provide excellent quality of education and mentoring of students who aspire to be a competant Agriculture professionals. Our broad vision Faculty members and we foresee great opportunities for students of the College who can grab this advantage of taking the experience and knowledge benefits of our faculty and bear immense exposure to training and research. I extend my wishes to well qualified staff members who can transform students to responsible citizens.


Why MARI ?

Here are reasons to choose Mid Western Academy and research institute:

  • Offers quality education for qualified technical human resource
  • Graduate products working in foreign employment, government organizations
  • Modern facilities and highly experienced qualified Professional faculty


The facilities for students of Midwest Academy and research institute are:

  • Hostel
  • Classroom
  • Library
  • Science Lab
  • Computer lab with wifi
  • Cafeteria
  • Spacious program hall with digital facilities

The various programs at MARI are as follows:

BSc Agriculture

Master of Business Studies

Ongoing Admission
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