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Model Multiple College

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Model Multiple College is located at Janakpurdham in Dhanusha. This institution provides the greatest learning environment possible, with excellent facilities and well-trained and motivated faculty. Graduates of this institution are highly capable and work with cutting-edge technical needs and competitive environment difficulties in several professional lines such as MBBS, BDS, Engineering, CA, and so on. Purbanchal University offers business courses such as BBA and MBA, as well as BBS, MBS, B.Sc., BCA, and B.Ed. Tribhuvan University is connected with 1-year academic programs. Model Multiple College is led by a reliable group of academicians, and students have access to all resources and equipment that aid in their learning. Toppers from this educational academy have a decent probability of getting jobs through Model Multiple College's placement cells.

Model Multiple College is also a suitable choice for studying technical curricula such as a three-year health assistant program and a three-year lab technician (C.M.L.T.). CTEVT is linked to both of the aforementioned schemes. The college offers practical classes in its laboratories for chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, and microbiology students. The institution's main building is conveniently positioned on a large campus. The classroom learning experience is incredibly enriching, including lectures and group participation. Local candidates are also served by transportation at this institution. Individuals will have full access to all resources for furthering their studies and research. They are assisted in improving individuals academic performance by compassionate teaching personnel and teachers.

The various programs at MMC are as follows:

BSc General

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)