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Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus

The Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus is located in a rural district of Nepal. It was designed to give bachelor and master-level education to low-income students in the Rukum district. It is a fantastic chance for students who are unable to afford the tuition prices of advanced private colleges. Furthermore, pupils would be required to leave their hometown and relocate to a city region, which would be financially impossible for many. Musikot is a beautiful spot to visit. Tourists from within and outside the country visit to enjoy the natural beauty. Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus contributes to the development of the tourism industry by providing higher education. It is associated with Tribhuvan University. Members of the faculty are highly qualified. Faculty members are well skilled and experienced in carrying out academic courses.

This campus offers undergraduate degrees in Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), and year-long Bachelor of Education programs, as well as master degrees in Master of Education (M.Ed.) General.

Scholarships at Musikot Khalanga Campus

  • Board and district toppers receive full scholarships from the college.
  • Deserving students with higher scores in Bachelor and Plus Two or equivalent levels are given partial scholarships.
  • Some places are designated for needy students who have been referred by the university for full scholarships.
  • Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus bestows a gold medal and cash prize on the board and district topper.


  • a spacious library with the required resources available. Beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment for learning.
  • Classrooms are well furnished.
  • Extracurricular activities like football, volleyball, badminton, cultural programs, debate, poetry competitions, etc. can be performed at the institution. Internal assessments and assignments help in preparing well for board examinations.
  • A canteen is also available, which provides hygienic facilities at affordable prices.
  • Tours, picnics, and annual programs are organized by the college.
  • Students are monitored throughout the learning period, and proper facilities and motivation are given by faculty members to improve weaknesses, if any.

Additional Information

Admission Procedure

  • Candidates passing plus two or an equivalent level recognized by TU in any stream are invited to join the undergraduate courses at Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus.
  • Candidates completing their undergraduate course in any stream are eligible to enroll in the master course.

The various programs at Musikot Khalanga Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

Wanting to develop your self-confidence by involving in various aspects of subject matters? Then, Bachelor of Arts offers the opportunity to upgrade your capability widely. So, if you wish to join this course, Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus welcomes you with multiple facilities and practical learning environment.

Bachelor of Education

Are you willing to strive for a career in the learning field? Then, study Bachelor of Education that includes different subject matters like English, Nepali, Economics, Mathematics and much more. Know further details about Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus and browse the given link.

MEd - Master of Education

Master of Education is an advanced degree that focuses on teaching and more activity based learning in a wide range of educational setting. If you want to study this course, join Musikot Khalanga Bahumukhi Campus.