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NAMI Institute

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Phone: 01-9841907112 | Email: | Website:

NAMI Institute, located at Jorpati, Kathmandu affiliated wtih University of Northampton (UoN) offers BSc Environmental Science, BBA (Hons), BSc (Hons) Computer Science, MSc Computing programs.

Why NAMI Institute ?

NAMI Institute stands out among other colleges due to various reasons like:

  • Staff and Students' Development Training
  • Interaction of students with UoN Lecturers
  • Northampton Integrated Learning Environment (NILE) is accessed to the NAMI students

The various programs at NAMI Institute are as follows:

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Environmental science is a global issue and in this course the learning about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contributions are at the fore to make with BSc Hons Environmental Science program at NAMI Institute.

BBA (Hons)

BBA at NAMI are for those interested in developing their career in financial sector, service sector, hospitality, or starting up their own small business which gives clear understanding of management concepts and develops interpersonal, team building, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

BSc Hons Computer Science offers a wide range of computing idea and innovative solutions to problems with three years program of University of Northampton.

MSc Computing

MSc Computing offered by NAMI Institute is affiliated to University of Northampton. This degree provides in depth knowledge technical concepts and skills of Computing and problem solving through concepts of software development with a dissertation work at the end of the program.

MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

MBA from NAMI College gives students to enhance and hone the managerial skills along with leadership skill to excel as leaders, Managers and entrepreneurs of Business in Nepal and abroad. It helps them to build personality also by brushing communication and creative thinking skills altogether. The course is 180 credit hours of studies. MBA of University of Northampton is highly research based. It focuses on theory of business and practical applications in a global context.