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Namuna Machhindra Campus

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Phone: 01-5004064

Namuna Machindra Campus (NMC) is the first public college in the whole Lalitpur district. Since is located near Lagankhel bus park, this college is easily accessible to the students. It was established in 2037 B.S. It offers various programs affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Regarding its +2 program, it’s affiliated wih Higher Secondary Education Board .Namuna Machindra Campus (NMC) is opened with the aim to provide quality knowledge and skills to an individual to face the modern day challenges. By providing quality knowledge to its students, the college hopes to fulfill the needs of capable human resources for the nation.Namuna Campus teachers and faculties involved in this college are knowledgeable and experienced. NMC produces competent students, the college puts emphasis on project works and extracurricular activities as well. 

Namuna Machhindra Campus is a student-oriented institution where the college team provides a motivated and practical academic experience that encourages the students for his/her overall integrated enhancement and development of personality. This college is a government institution that has been providing quality based learning to the students with an average amount.

Why Namuna Machhindra Campus ?

The majority of students usually take note of the features of the college before joining. To facilitate the students in the best possible ways, NMC has managed to provide some good facilities to its students. Here are the salient features of NMC:

  • Namuna Machindra Campus has well-managed classrooms.
  • Advanced teaching methodologies.
  • Access to internet and Wi-Fi.
  • Scholarship schemes to deserving students in Namuna Machindra Campus.
  • Internship opportunities and field works.
  • One-to-one career counseling in Namuna Machindra Campus.
  • Namuna Machindra Campus has well-equipped library.

The various programs at Namuna Machhindra Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is offered by NMC College, and the course is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It is a 3-year course, providing both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students on the respective subjects. After the completion of this degree, the students can pursue their career in various fields, such as journalism, consultancy, social work, and more. Students who have completed Ten plus Two degree can apply for the course.

Bachelor of Business Studies

NMC College offers BBS course, which is the 4-year comprehensive business course. The course equips students with broad knowledge in the field of management. This course if affiliated to Tribhuvan University. After completion of this course, the students are ready to take over any competent position in an organization. They can choose from various sectors like the hotel industry, banking, travel, and more.

+2 Education

Ten plus Two Education is considered as a foundation course, especially for teachers at lower secondary level. It aims to provide general knowledge about education, education system as a whole, curriculum, trends in education, and much more.The thing here is that the person pursuing this course not only has an option to be a teacher, but he/she can also work as a leader in various NGOs and INGOs. It develops a base and makes students ready for undergraduate level.

+2 Management

Ten plus Two Management emphasizes on delivering fundamental knowledge in the basic areas of management. Any student who has completed this course is capable of pursuing their education on various sectors of management, such as hotel management, banking, insurance, and more. Moreover, they also become capable of carrying out basic level management tasks for the organizations. 

+2 Humanities