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National Academy for Medical Sciences

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The National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS), established on Mangsir 12, 2059 BS, was upgraded from Bir Hospital as the first private institution offering health education in Nepal. This college is affiliated with CTEVT and has been established by the government of Nepal. This college is the intellectual outcome of a group of distinguished medical and health personalities who visualized a desperate need for a college that can provide a total health education system with every possible facility that could meet the high expectations of competent health professionals with excellent technical skills to meet the challenges of today’s world.

The National Academy for Medical Sciences has a program of postgraduate medical education that includes basic specialist training (MD/MS) and higher specialist training (FNAMS). It has also started Bachelor in Nursing courses in addition to PCL.

The National Academy of Medical Science has the mission to prepare its students for a successful production future and make the world a better place by generating outstanding citizens with high ethical values and moral codes and giving something valuable to society.

Producing health professionals with a global perspective and processing all-round talent, abilities, and skills who are capable of applying their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in handling each and every kind of public health situation is the objective of the National Academy for Medical Sciences.

Some of the programs offered at the Nepal Institute of Health Science are MCh (Neuro-Surgery), MCh (Gastro-Surgery), MCh (Uro-Surgery), MCh (Burn and Plastic Surgery), MCh (CTVS), DM (Herpetology), DM (Diabetes and Endocrine), DM (Gastroenterology), DM (Nephrology), DM (Cardiology), DM (Neurology), DM (Medical Oncology), DM (Critical Care and Sleep Medicine & Pulmonology) Hospital. Beside this, this institution also provides nursing programs in PCL Nursing (Proficiency Certificate-Level Nursing) for 3 years and Post-BN (3 years).


Why National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS)

  • To make education level high quality and health service in Nepal.
  • To produce trained human resources for the country with the help of higher education in the field of medical sciences.
  • To research health services in different part of the country.

Scholarships at National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS)

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The various programs at National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS) are as follows:

Bachelor of Pharmacy

BSc Nursing