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National Campus for Business Studies

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National College of Business Studies is established under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University(TU). This college is located in Old Baneshwor, the center of Kathmandu city. The location of this college is suitable for the students from the transportation perspective as it’s the central route. Despite its busy location, this college has been trying its best to provide quality education to the students maintaining a sound environment. As this college is a pure management college, it offers Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) program. Belonging to the management background, it has been providing knowledge of business studies since its establishment. National College for bBusiness Studies strongly focuses on out bringing the best management product to the market. Likewise, it facilitates the students with the best possible education in order to make them capable and confident to cope with the present dynamic and competitive business world. Also, this college has been providing qualified and experienced Management faculty teachers for better and outstanding outcomes. Along with modernization, education is being more advanced and efforts given by these educational institutions have helped in the development of the education system. The college provides an opportunity to gain practical knowledge through the facilities of internship and necessary training essential for the students.

Why National Campus for Business Studies ?

The college has been able to produce capable manpower in the business market after completion of their degree. National Campus for Business Studies also promotes and prepare students to deal with the challenging environment and makes them able to compete in the field. The college also provides an opportunity to involve in the corporate business world.

The various programs at National Campus for Business Studies are as follows:

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies

Study Bachelor of Business Studies at National Campus for Business Studies and take your first step towards a promising career in business and management area. We have prepared a basic overview of the course details and you can also learn more about National Campus for Business Studies.