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National College of Engineering

Contact Information

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National College of Engineering (NCE) affiliated with Tribhuvan University is one of the leading institutions of Science and Technology ever since its establishment in 2058 B.S. It came into existence with the prime objective of imparting practical-oriented teachings and ethical values to its students and producing sensitive and responsible professionals within the country. NCE emphasizes inculcating moral and humanitarian virtues apart from professional skills and techniques in its students and focuses on the overall personality and professional development with the combination of a practical learning approach along with extracurricular activities.

The courses running from the National College of Engineering are Bachelor in Computer Engineering in 48 seats, Bachelor in Civil Engineering in 96 seats, Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering in 48 seats, and Bachelor of Electric Engineering in 48 seats.

Principal Message

The principal of the National College of Engineering (NCE), Prof. Tak Bahadur Galami, says that NCE is a place where students and teachers gather to exchange knowledge, explore fundamental questions, and above all, exchange ideas. After 13 years of contribution to the education field in Nepal, he feels privileged to say that the college has been providing a high-quality learning environment to prepare skilled students capable of embracing new challenges and realizing new opportunities. He takes pride in the excellent team of teaching faculty at NCE who are committed to fostering and encouraging the intellectual and personal potential of the students.

Why National College of Engineering ?

  • National College of Engineering is run by a team of teaching and non-teaching staff who are dedicated academicians and achievers in their corresponding fields.
  • Located away from the harrowing city life, NCE has a friendly environment with a well-furnished academic building consisting of spacious classrooms.
  • The fee structure is quite affordable.
  • National College of Engineering has visiting guest faculties from different governmental and nongovernmental organizations and business enterprises which motivate and encourage the students to be interactive and explore themselves beyond.
  • The practical methodology of teaching and learning environment is provided with real-life and time projects and time-to-time assessment and examination.
  • National College of Engineering has a well-equipped library hall, seminar hall, and laboratories as well as a hygienic cafeteria of its own.
  • NCE organizes sports programs and extracurricular activities with an aim to exhibit the academic and overall performance of its students.

Scholarships at National College of Engineering

Ten percent of students who enroll in any programs of National College of Engineering are offered scholarship based on:

  • Merit basis 5 percent of students and 
  • 5 percent from government school on merit basis.


The facilities offered are:

  • Automated library
  • Computer and Science lab
  • Additional classes
  • Spacious and well equipped classrooms
  • canteen
  • international agency for development
  • Esteemed professional teaching faculty
  • Curricular activities

Additional Information

Admission Procedure

The National College of Engineering is bound to follow the rules and regulations as imposed by the Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU. Students seeking to get admission to the National College of Engineering must pass the entrance examination managed by the IOE. Candidates are eligible to enroll for the academic courses in NEC as per the criteria of the academy. The students are requested to provide the necessary documents and educational certificates during the time of admission.

The various programs at National College of Engineering are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Transform your knowledge into practical practice in the real field by joining Civil Engineering at National College of Engineering. Also, this course will make you able to improve the related sector. Our college offers experimental learning, career opportunity, and supportive environment to graduate in this course. To know more information related to the course and other processes, browse the given link. 

Bachelor of Electronics Communication and Information Engineering

Want to graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering at National College of Engineering? Then read more for information regarding its services, fee structures, admission procedures and much more in detail.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Achieving Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering will help you to get involved in professional training and gain practical knowledge. Join National College of Engineering for this degree and prepare yourself to work effectively in the related field. Come and associate with us for this study.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

If you are thinking to graduate in Computer Engineering then National College of Engineering might be the right place to start with. The course may help in the development of a new operating system, computer games, business applications and other various perspectives. For more information, you can browse the link. 

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering