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National Institute of Science and Technology(NIST)

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The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) College is also known as the National School of Science (NSS). The National School of Science (NSS) was established in 1993 and has maintained its heritage as a “Centre of Excellence." The NIST/NSS College is located in Lainchor, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main focus of NSS is to provide academic excellence in higher secondary education to the students of Nepal. NSS has a properly managed environment for creativity, learning, practicing, and research. NIST/NSS educates the candidates with the aim that, after their academic period, they will be able to understand and produce remarkable results in any field of academic study they choose to follow. NSS has treated every student equally, which has been the main foundation for the college.

The NIST/NSS institute was established with the financial help of Madhav Prasad Baral, who is also the principal of the college. The NSS College offers science and management courses, with the main focus on science faculty. The institute is ranked one of the top colleges in Nepal and has multiple branches as the college is a part of the NIST foundation.

The vision of the NIST/NSS is to allow students to demonstrate and acquire skill-based knowledge to support their determination and help them in their related field by improving their morale.

The mission of the NIST/NSS is:

  • To change the education system by introducing modern learning approaches.
  • To provide quality education by focusing on theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • To improve the outcome of students by providing them with highly effective teachers, coaching, and mentoring.
  • To provide a quality, comprehensive learning environment and other infrastructure facilities.

Academic Program

Ten plus two in management:

Ten Plus Two in Management is a two-year program. This program creates the foundation for those who want to start their career in the management field. Every skill and piece of knowledge required to equip individuals for any scenario that might arise in the corporate world is given to them. Taking management in plus-two, students gain knowledge about business principles and accounting, which becomes an advantage for students in the further study of management. After completing the plus-two course in management, there are lots of choices to drive a student’s career. There are various management programs conducted by Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and Purbanchal University.

Ten plus two in science:

Ten Plus Two in Science is a two-year program. This stream is chosen by those students who want to start their careers in the technical field. In the first year of this stream, students are provided with conceptual knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics. Students are provided with both theoretical and practical knowledge. In the second year, students have to choose the subjects among chemistry, physics, and biology depending on which they want to start their career. After graduation, the students have multiple options to start their career as doctors, engineers, B.Sc. nurses, BITs, B.Sc. CSITs, and many more. Students from science backgrounds can start their careers in the fields of medicine, engineering, and IT.

Why National Technology College ?

The National Institute of Science and Technology is a college that is established in cooperation with a team of professionals. The college also provides quality education to its students. The main objective of the college is to provide education to the students equally and to help them grow in every aspect. The college occasionally organizes beneficial events for the students, such as sports, career advice, seminars, etc. The college also provides a scholarship opportunity for students. Recently, the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST/NSS) college ranked as one of the top higher secondary schools in Nepal. With the support of its dedicated staff, the NSS has been providing quality education to more than 25 thousand students every year. The dedicated staff has improved the outcome for the students by providing proper knowledge. The education at NSS is the practical basis, as the college is focused on producing skilled manpower.

The various programs at National Technology College are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) is one of the demanding and trending courses. The B.Sc.CSIT  program is developed with the aim of providing the students with adequate knowledge both practically and theoretically. The Course runs for four-year.

The course combines of the study of software and hardware and information and communication technologies which gives the students with the skills required.

BTech Food Technology

The Bachelor of Technology is a course of four-year. The main aim of the course is to prepare the student with necessary competencies in the scientific handling and processing of foods. The demand is both locally and abroad. The graduates can work in applied research, plant and food process management, packaging, quality control, product evaluation. The graduates also can work as an entrepreneur in his/her own courses.

+2 Science

+2 Management