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National Integrated College (NIC)

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National Integrated College (NIC) was established in 2001 A.D. and has been able to reach many milestones within a decade of its establishment. It has without doubt become a unique center of learning where everyone’s need is respectfully met. NIC had opened with a vision of being an outstanding institution where knowledge and academic excellence produce bright and brilliant graduates from all economic and social classes in the Nepalese community in the ever-demanding disciplines from private, corporate, and government sectors within Nepal and beyond.

NIC boasts valuable guidelines from its advisory board consisting of renowned professors from various disciplines to bring about its vision and goals into reality. The college’s systematic process of preparing young entrepreneurs with training according to their subject of choice and the research-oriented programs for the staff and other faculty members have contributed to the excellent performances of the students in board exams and helped them build their careers themselves.

NIC offers +2 level and bachelor's level courses. +2 level includes Management, Humanities, and Science whereas the bachelor level includes BBS and BA programs.


The main mission of NIC is to help students learn to set definite goals, nurture their abilities, and bring out the best in them. The college aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Instill a real zest and creativity in the students.
  • Develop the foundation for higher studies.
  • Inculcate a positive attitude and respect for discipline.
  • Enable the students to apply skills in problem-hunting, analysis, and decision-making so that they learn to be self-reliant.
  • Develop a professional level of presentational writing and communication skill,
  • Prepare students to embark on a new career.


The college offers various facilities to its students. NIC has a well-managed library to facilitate its students and faculty with the best literature in the technical and non-technical area's to help them in teaching, learning, and research activities. Each individual is encouraged to use this facility. NIC also offers a high-standard laboratory with the latest equipment in order to enable science students to translate their theoretical knowledge into application. There are computer facilities with high-speed internet so that students have the opportunity to make extensive use of the computer in doing their home assignments, research works, and projects.

NIC also offers hostel facilities of its own for students coming from distant areas of the country. Likewise, the college has its own transportation facilities for the students living within the valley. With all these facilities, studying at NIC will be fully worth your while.

The various programs at NIC are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Aiming to study Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)? We have highlighted the detiails regarding the course and also learn why you should study BBS at National Integrated College. You can also find other informations about procedures for applying.

Bachelor of Arts

Thinking to study Bachelor of Arts at National Integrated College? We have prepared a detailed review of the course and the admission procedures. Also, learn the benefits of studying in our college.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management