National Multiple College

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The National Multiple College is stationed at Sunsari, Dharan in the Eastern Region of Nepal. The College was founded in 2062 B.S. The college was established with the aim of achieving more students from different cities. The College has well-equipped libraries and classrooms. The staffs are very interactive and friendly. The College often organizes events and seminars in the college.

Why National Multiple College

National Multiple College was established with the aim of generating competent graduates to meet the global standard. The College was established by a team of professional members. The National Multiple College gives scholarships to the student on the basis of academics, attendance as well as on the basis of extracurricular activities. The college provides scholarships to students who cannot afford the fee. The College is affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU).

Further, the college is planning to launch IT (Information Technology) in the future.

Courses offered by the college:

  1. Bachelor of Business Studies
  2. Bachelor of Education

The various programs at National Multiple College are as follows:

Certificate Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

The Bachelor of Business Study is a course of three years. The course is affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU). The main objective of the program is to produce talented and competent Managers. The student can work in national as well as international organizations, banks or as an entrepreneur.

TSLC Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

The Bachelor of Education is a program which runs for 3 years. The course is designed by Purbanchal University. The graduates of the course can work as a teacher for lower secondary level for two subjects. They also can choose their career path in journalism or in any organizations such as INGOs, NGOs or Educational Sector.

PCL in Diagnostic Radiography