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National Open College

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National Open College doesn’t believe in making students repeat or follow traditional ideas and theories blindly; rather, it lets its students express and implement their ideas freely, encouraging them to think innovatively. The college was established by a group of academic workers with the objective of addressing contemporary globalization and privatization issues through a competent workforce. Affiliated with Pokhara University, National Open College is devoted to providing a world-class educational environment.

Founded in 2002, National Open College (NOC) is a pioneering college. It always endeavors to introduce scholars and experts to provide its students with the best education in all possible ways. It is the first academic institution in Nepal to offer courses in the area of health care management, from undergraduates to master’s degrees. Other programs offered at NOC include a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Public Health in three streams.

Principal Message

Prof. Er. S.K. Karki, the principle of National Open College, took time from his busy schedule to thank everyone who has helped to build National Open College into what it is today. He remembered the alumni and students of NOC. He expresses his gratitude to former and current staff and faculty. He acknowledged the contribution of Dr. B.K. Kaini and Mr. R.P. Panjiya in the areas of health care management.

He further added: National Open College was founded by highly educated and skilled professors, engineers, and professionals. It is the first academic institution in South Asia to start a BHCM program. It began to offer a Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2001. It lies among the largest public health colleges in the country. He shared the plan for constructing a modern building. The National Open College comprises talented and motivated faculties. NOC is proud of its graduates, as they are able to fetch jobs at respectable companies.

He thanked the health organization for supporting the college and providing internships.

Why National Open College ?

National Open College (NOC) always prioritizes pupils' educational needs and ambitions and provides individualized care for academic achievement. Additionally, NOC aspires to produce socially responsible citizens. It promotes a long-distance learning system, research, open education, practical training, and health care. National Open College provides students with a flexible and self-esteeming learning environment.

Scholarships at National Open College

National Open College is providing scholarships to deserving students each year. Students with a 3.7 CGPA in PGDHCM and BHCM interested in pursuing a Master of Healthcare Management are awarded a full scholarship. Likewise, students with a 3.7 CGPA in BPH or BBA interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in healthcare management are provided with a full scholarship. Students with distinction with above seventy-five percent marks in +2 or equivalent, interested in joining BHCM and BBA, are granted full scholarship.

Note: In each program, three students are granted this scholarship.



A cafeteria is more than just a place to eat food; it is a place to relax, interact, and rejuvenate. Understanding the need for a spacious and hygienic canteen, the college has provided canteen facilities within the college premises. In order to make sure the food and beverages offered at the canteen are healthy, National Open College regularly inspects their quality.


The library at National Open College is spacious and rich. It comprises a wide range of standardized text books and reference books.

Extracurricular Activities:

Extracurricular activities are very important for the overall development of students. Realizing this fact, National Open College organizes various activities in a continuous manner.


The National Open College has spacious premises where both indoor and outdoor activities can be carried out conveniently.

The various programs at National Open College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

The four years long academic program, Bachelor of Business Administration provides students with a basic education in management and business principles. Individual with this degree may think to work as cost estimator, loss prevention manager, sales manager, information security officer and operation manager. Those with +2 level degree in business/commerce are eligible to enroll in this program.

Bachelor of Public Health

The Bachelor of Public Health offered at National Open College (NOC) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Public Health. This program opens gate for an array of career opportunities including health consultant, project officer, public health promoter and educator, program evaluator, policy and community health officer to name a few. Students interested in pursuing this program should have completed +2 in Science (Bio)/ Health Science (LAB).

Master of Health Care Management

Master in Health Care Management is a twelve months program is introduced to address the needs of high level management practices and researches. The program is designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of health care management. The program covers subjects such as health economics, population dynamic, health program management, quality management in health care, health care evaluation and health care practicum among others. Students with bachelor’s degree in any discipline are eligible to enroll in this program.

Bachelor of Health Care Management

National Open College introduce Bachelor of Health Care Management program in 2000. The four y ear program is designed to address the need for competent and educated health care professional. The program covers subjects, such as health planning, macroeconomics, business communication, hospital planning, health system & policy, health program, health care law, support services and health c. environment. Students interested in pursuing this program should have completed +2 with excellent command in English.

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management is a twelve month program introduced with the aim of imparting a basic program in health care management in a wider sense. The degree opens dorr for a number of employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, health care centers, health care organization and health projects. Students undertaking this program should study subjects such as Health Care Management, Epidemiology/Biostat, Economics & Finance, Health Information System, OB, Health Care Law, Support Services, Health Planning and Health Care System & Policy. Students with Bachelor Degree in any discipline are eligible to enroll in this program.