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Nava Jeewan Secondary School and College

Contact Information

Phone: 01-4352173 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Nawa jeevan Secondary School and College was established in 2076 B.S. It was envisioned as "initiate happiness" from the logo. It offers secured and well organized, equipped environment for learning. The Campus is committed to focus on gradual improvement of teaching and learning environment. It can be found in Samakhushi Chowk. The learning is not only in the classroom but beyond the four walls also. Now there are Plus2 programs running of the National Examinations Board in Science, Management, Humanities, Law and education. It adheres to modern teaching methodologies to cope up latest trends and advancements of innovations. Over 39 years it has been able to transform and channelize the education in such ways that students, teachers, parents, stakeholders, are joyous from the initiatives through academics of Nawa Jeevan Secondary School.

Principal Message

Thank your for choosing Nawajeevan for your children!

We welcome you to a large family of education. We are committed to develop happy and committed children. We educators need to be adaptive and flexible to keep changing educational needs of our children. We have introduced student first approach to help students explore individual talents with motivation and encouragement. We think education is also physical, spiritual and social development of students who are learning. We believe in holistic development, and adopt to existing well being programs. It is moving towards inquiry based learning with excellence sense of reasoning and confidence.

Mr Bala Ram Bhatta



Here are reasons to choose Nawa Jeevan Secondary School:

  • 39 years of unwavering journey
  • great social environment and optimal results through academic performances
  • modern teaching methodologies
  • scholarships 

Scholarships at NJSAC

Nawa Jeeevan Secondary school provides scholarships for students on need and merit based scholarship packages. 


The facilities offered are:

  • Counseling
  • Teachers training
  • cultural programs
  • excursions/tours
  • Cafeteria
  • Transportation
  • well equipped classrooms

The various programs at NJSAC are as follows:

+2 Humanities

+2 Management