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Nepal Ayurved Medical College and Teaching Hospital

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Providing quality and professional education in Ayurvedic medicine studies, Nepal Ayurved Medical College (NAMC) has been established at the heart of Birgunj. The institution is committed to providing its students with an education of the highest caliber and one that equips them with the ability to succeed while overcoming whatever obstacles they might encounter in the area of Ayurvedic medicine. Promoted and supported by various personalities, from doctors to business professionals. NAMC believes in making its institute one of the best in Ayurvedic education in Nepal, with cultures such as exploring potential, discipline, research and development, and an appetite to learn more.

According to Nepal Ayurved Medical College, Ayurvedic medicinal studies and humans are very useful for each other, being both the creation of mother earth itself. Developed in South Asia, knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine is relatable to human physiology. Understanding the concept, the college supports exploring the hidden power of students systematically and practically. NAMC believes in a sound academic environment that maintains the correct attitude. Knowledge can be obtained peacefully.

The main vision and mission of Nepal Ayurved Medical College is to provide the best Ayurvedic doctors with skillful and confident physiological and mental abilities.


  • Nepal Ayurved Medical College has well-equipped anatomy and physiology labs with the necessary scientific instruments and lab specimens.
  • It has a library with three different sections, such as reference, magazine, and stack area, with more than 3000 books.
  • Nepal Ayurved Medical College also has its own running hospital, which operates on medical treatment and consulting activities from skilled and experienced doctors.
  • The institution provides separate housing for boys and girls close to the campus, as well as a canteen that serves sanitary, wholesome, and nourishing meals.
  • Nepal Ayurved Medical College is developing its herbal medicinal garden on its land for research and development without the use of insecticides and pesticides.

The various programs at Nepal Ayurved Medical College and Teaching Hospital are as follows:

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

Find out why to join Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery at Nepal Ayurved Medical College and Teaching Hospital? As, this program offers a broad range of skills to ensure a holistic education, preparing the graduate to be the successful team player. Click on the link for more details.