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Nepal College of Management (NCM), which is promoted by the Gurukul Education Foundation and affiliated with Kathmandu University, was established in August 1999 A.D. to impart excellent learning in business education. The intensification of the globalization process has exposed the domestic economy to increased risks and challenges, besides providing opportunities in different spheres of the economy, including the education sector. Nepal College of Management has been effortful in meeting education standards and expectations in response to modern-day business needs and requirements. Striving to impart quality education with an analytical and practical orientation, NCM has emerged as one of the pioneer business schools in the country today. Nepal College of Management has been committed to and has attained continued success in contributing to the development of business education in general and the students' academic and professional goals in particular.

Nepal College of Management is a distinctive institution capable of generating not only career-oriented management executives with high academic excellence and competence to meet the global challenges of the modern world but also a new breed of responsible, caring, patriotic, pious, productive, and upright citizens with superior skills and highest moral values capable of understanding the present political, social, and cultural contexts and fostering visions and strategies to assist in mitigating the economic pandemonium predominating the national scene for so long. Nepal’s huge potential and expanding delivery of educational services today should be rightly viewed from a global perspective as an instrument for mainstreaming Nepal in the emerging global scenario. To deliver such an agenda and promote more efficient future business leaders, augmenting the dissemination of internationally applicable skills through the active role and participation of eminent faculties, industry experts, business entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, etc., would contribute to the development of the right kind of human resource so essential for the nation’s business improvement and economic prosperity on a sustained basis. NCM’s vision and insights are always shaped and sharpened with such orientation.

Currently, Nepal College of Management offers BBA and BHTM programs for the bachelor level.


Nepal College of Management offers an excellent study environment and high-quality equipment for its higher education faculties. The clean, spacious, and lavishly furnished modern classrooms are equipped with all the necessary audio-visual teaching aids. Overhead and multimedia projectors are the pride of this college, besides making learning at NCM an experience to be cherished forever. Every attempt has been made to develop NCM’s library into an intellectual and social resource center for the college. It boasts a wide collection of text and reference books, journals, daily posts, periodicals, manuals, publications, and other reading materials designed to meet the diverse information needs of its students, teachers, and office personnel. The library works on an electronic system and has immensely benefited the students in accessing and reading the books and materials that they need.

Besides this, to develop and enhance the students' skills in computing, Nepal College of Management is reinforced with a modern computer laboratory consisting of an adequate number of high-end computers. The institution complex is Wi-Fi enabled, facilitating internet access from anywhere on the campus. Sprawled over an impressive area, NCM offers ample parking facilities for its students, faculty members, visitors, and personnel. Moreover, an independent cafeteria located within the premises and operated by catering professionals ensures that the students are served nutritious and hygienic edibles at subsidized rates. To enhance the physical development of the student, adequate outdoor recreational facilities like basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, etc. are available. All these facilities make sure that the students have a blissful and healthy experience during their time at Nepal College of Management.

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The various programs at Nepal College of Management are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

If you are looking for a course that is internationally acceptable then go Bachelor of Business Administration at Nepal College of Management. This college provides you with an advance course on financing and accounting, business and management. For further details, go through the given link.

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Find out why to join Hospitality and Tourism Management at Nepal College of Management. This college provides a broad range of skills to ensure a holistic education, preparing the graduate to be a successful team player. For further details browse the link.