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Nepal Institute of Health Sciences

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The Nepal Institute of Health Science, also known as Stupa Nursing College, is located in Boudha Tushal, Kathmandu. This institute is affiliated with Purbanchal University and the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). Currently, the institute is successful in running certificate and graduate programs, respectively. Nepal Institute of Health Science conducts a program for B.Sc. Nursing, Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN), Bachelor of Public Health (BPH), PCL Nursing, general medicine (HA), and Diploma in Pharmacy and Lab Technician. The main goal of the Nepal Institute of Health Science is to educate and develop medium- and higher-level nursing and public health professionals using modern approaches to theoretical and practical knowledge to become responsible citizens capable of providing excellent medical services to the nation.


Proficiency Certificate Level Nursing:

This is a three-year course affiliated with CTEVT based on a yearly system. This academic course was created to equip middle-level technical nurses with the skills and knowledge needed in this profession. The candidate must have completed the School Leaving Certificate/Secondary Education Examination (SLC/SEE) with a minimum of 50% marks to be eligible for the Proficiency Certificate Level Nursing program.

Proficiency Certificate Level in General Medicine—Health Assistance (HA):

Nepal Institute of Health Science College offers a three-year course conducted by CTEVT. The main objective of this degree is to produce mid-level nursing personnel who can help rural residents with their well-being issues. Those candidates with the certificate of this degree can work in various organizations in the government and non-government sectors.

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT):

The Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT) program is conducted by CTEVT. This course is generally related to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention with the use of pathological tests. Lab technicians play a vital role as members of health care; they collect and provide proper care to patients. The Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT) creates and promotes skilled professionals in the science laboratory for discovering the diseases that determine the lives of patients. This program is three years three-year time and is the main academic requirement to join the Bachelor level and to provide the diagnostic laboratory service as a middle-level human health resource. To join, the candidates must secure a grade of C in subjects like mathematics, English, and science in SLC/SEE from any reputable institution.

Diploma of Pharmacy (D. Pharm):

The diploma of pharmacy is conducted by CTEVT and is a three-year course. This program is approved by the Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC) to make sure that the students get a proper and quality education. It was introduced to produce supportive technical human manpower in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and capable human manpower to control the quality of drugs and rational use of the drugs. Candidates must have passed out certificates of SEE or SLC with a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate to get admission. Those candidates who have an interest in the pharmacy profession can also join this program.

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH):

The Bachelor of Public Health offered by Nepal Institute of Health Science College provides students with a foundation to widen their skills and knowledge in public health services. This is a three-year program affiliated with Purbanchal University. Students have to study subjects like basic food and nutrition, pathophysiology, first aid and safety, etc. After graduation, students can find job opportunities in an NGO or INGO, in an organization, or as a public health officer, health educator, research assistant, etc.

Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing):

This is a four-year program affiliated with Purbanchal University under the Nepal Nursing Council. Nepal Institute of Health Science College offers this degree to nurture the students with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge to provide good health care services in the country. It includes various twenty-four courses like biochemistry, educational science, mental health nursing, advanced nursing practice, etc. The candidate must complete their intermediate level or ten plus two (+2) with major subjects like biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry with a minimum of 50% marks to take part in this program.

Post-Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN):

This three-year Post-Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN) course is conducted by Purbanchal University. This course is designed to produce more skilled nurses to deliver good medical services to the people of the nation. The subjects related to this course are pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, basic science/nutrition practicum, theories and principals of nursing, etc. Candidates must have completed their Proficiency Certificate Level in healthcare from universities or other institutes approved by the Nepal Nursing Council to be eligible for this program.

Why Nepal Institute of Health Sciences ?

With highly dedicated and qualified teaching staff, students get proper knowledge in a friendly environment. The institute has well-equipped laboratories to get practical knowledge. Special training is provided to the students on developing their leadership and personalities.

Nepal Institute of Health Science has a peaceful learning environment for the students to deliver quality education. Different activities like educational tours, excursions, and sports activities are timely organized. Extra classes are provided to those students who have poor academic performance.

The various programs at Nepal Institute of Health Sciences are as follows:

Bachelor of Public Health

Are you planning to contribute in the health sector? Then join Bachelor of Public health at Nepal Institute of Health Sciences and get the opportunity to work as a professional in improving the health of a community. You can learn more about this course and college by visiting the given link.

Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing