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Nepal Medical College

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Nepal Medical College is situated at Attarkhel, Jorpati, in Kathmandu. Lying at the foothills of a mound, it has a quiet environment, which is necessary for a student. The college was established in 1997 A.D. by Dr. Sachhe Pahari. The mission of NMC is to educate competent, caring, and compassionate human resources to render preventive, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative health care services to the people and, simultaneously, keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends in medical and health science education. To accomplish this, NMC promotes self-enquiring minds in biomedical, sociocultural, and epidemiological scientific research.

Nepal Medical College was established to sow seeds of self-reliance by Nepalese professionals in setting up a medical college and its hospital, the first of its kind in Nepal, a hundred percent initiative taken by the Nepalese, Nepalese, and Nepalese. This in turn would set an example for the “sons and daughters of Nepal” to be motivated enough to take the initiative in establishing similar institutions on their own in the future for the cause of human resources development in health care. This would enable them to provide for the community in the fields of health education and scientific research.

This institute offers bachelor’s as well as master's-level courses in the field of medical sciences. Some of the programs offered are MBBS, B.Sc. in Nursing, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Postgraduate degrees in Medicine.


NMC Geology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Surgery undertake the teaching of medical students in their respective wards and the outpatient departments during the rest of the four-and a half year MBBS program.

Besides this, a full-fledged clinical health laboratory, radiology, operation theaters, casualty services, ICU, CCU, NICU, and hemodialysis service, and ambulance services are provided around the clock. Echocardiography, TMT, gastroendoscopy, colononoscopy, bronchoscopy, ultrasonography, and pulmonary function testing facilities are also available regularly.

As for transportation, regular microbus services that have various routes and connect Nepal Medical College with other parts of the city, along with taxis for the patients, are available from early dawn to late at night.

The various programs at NMC are as follows:

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

Nepal Medical College is one of the few colleges in Nepal that offers the program of Bachelor of Medical Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Join hands with this college and start your journey towards becoming a successful doctor. Here is a simple overview that covers all the details needed to join this program.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

BSc Nursing