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Nepal Mega College

Contact Information

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Nepal Mega College, established by a group of highly educated and experienced academicians and entrepreneurs, is a leading institution in the area of higher education in the country. The co-educational institution was founded to provide world-class education at a very affordable price. It aspires to offer distinctive qualities of education to produce competent and socially responsible citizens with leadership qualities. Time and again, this institute has proved that it is one of the best academic institutions in Nepal by offering a range of academic programs and boundless opportunities to individuals.

Principal Message

The Executive Director of Nepal Mega College, Gopal Khanal, extended gratitude to the faculty, parents, pupils, and well-wishers whose determination and hard work have helped the institution to be the center of academic excellence.

He further added that Nepal has transformed completely, and society is heading towards structural reform. Thus, both demand and expectation for highly competent manpower capable of reforming society have increased. And the institution is always there to address the needs of society.

The institute focuses on providing personalized attention and takes keen interest in the success of each individual. The institute consists of committed faculty members whose major motto is to provide qualitative education and maintain strict discipline.

Why Nepal Mega College ?

Nepal Mega College has a high reputation for having qualified and experienced staff. It is well-disciplined, and the learning environment and teaching techniques have proven to have outstanding HSEB results. Evaluation of students is done on a regular basis, as is healthy communication with guardians. To meet the academic standard, this academic program has been providing intensive classes and guest lectures from visiting professors. Different seminars with various professionals are carried out to develop self-confidence in each student. Graduates from Nepal Mega College have been inspired by the individual care and career counseling given by experienced professionals from the institute.

An internship is provided by Nepal Mega College, especially for bachelors, since it has created good public relations through education and various business ventures.

Various computer and accounting courses that match careers in banking and industry are provided.

Learning Output

  • Plus, two graduates will be successful in the MBBS, BE, and other entrance examinations.
  • Various internship programs exist for undergraduate students.
  • Graduates will be able to compete in a competitive society.
  • Development of skills and self-confidence.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge related to what they have studied.

Scholarships at Nepal Mega College


The library was established with the aim of enhancing a holistic and effective teaching and learning process. It consists of course books, supplement text books, and reference books.


Understanding the need for refreshment and with the motive of unearthing the hidden talent of pupils, the institution has introduced the special provision of sports. Sports facilities are provided through the Sports Department.


Nepal Mega College provides transportation facilities in and around the Ring Road.

Computer Lab:

This institute has a spacious, well-equipped computer lab with continuous internet flow.


The cafeteria at Mega is hygienic and spacious. A variety of items are served.


At Nepal Mega College, a large number of resources and facilities have been provided, such as;

  • College cafeteria that provides hygenic meals.
  • Sports facilities are available and are monitored by the Sports Department.
  • Library with good number of textbooks.
  • Computer labs with the latest hardware and software are configured along with unlimited Internet facilities.
  • Transportation facilities are available within and outside the Ring Road.

The various programs at Nepal Mega College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

The four year academic program, Bachelor of Business Studies is introduced to prepare students to work as mangers and leaders in various business sectors. Mega College provides students with opportunity to do internship in various banks and business houses. Students willing to pursue BBS should have completed +2 or intermediate level education in business/commerce. For information related to fees and syllabus, please click..

Bachelor of Social Work

MA Rural Development

Master of Arts in Rural Development offered at Nepal Mega College is a two years program is designed to provide students with the understanding and knowledge of social and economic aspect of development. The program covers subjects such as Rural Urban Linkage, Research Methodology and Statistical Methods, Local Governance and Political Economy of Nepal, Rural Tourism, Natural Resource management among others. Students interested in pursuing Master of Arts in Rural Development program should have completed bachelor degree in any stream though university or board acknowledged by TU. For information related to fees and syllabus, please click..

Bachelor of Arts - Four Years

Nepal Mega College is offering Bachelor of Arts program under affiliation of TU since past few years. A three year course put more emphasis on practical than theoretical knowledge. The program prepares students to work in the field of social work. Throughout the program, pupils are sent to various organizations to familiarize themselves with contemporary social issues where they have to work as a trainee twice a week. For information related to fees and syllabus, please click..

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a degree that affords the individual to develop their knowledge and skills required for a beneficial career. This program provides students with knowledge of history and ethical issues of media functioning. Graduates with this degree can find job opportunities in websites, TV channels, Radio channels, press information bureau, periodicals & magazines, government information service, and newspapers. Students interested in engaging in Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication should have completed +2 or intermediate level in any stream. For information related to fees and syllabus, please click.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies offered at the Mega College is a two year academic program that combines the study of advanced theory with research in a specialized area of business. The program is designed to equip students with techniques, expertise and understanding required to function as a manager in any organization. Students with BBS or BBA degree are eligible to apply for the admission in this program. For information related to fees and syllabus, please click

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management