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Nepal National Education Academy

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Phone: 01-4356571

Constructed under the close instructions of profoundly reputed academicians and professionals, Nepal National Education Academy is the learning center that is responsible for providing quality learning that meets the agendas and challenges of the modern world. It was established in the year 2000 with the purpose of blending good schooling with practical knowledge and skills. Located at Banasthali Chowk, Balaju, Kathmandu, the college offers academic programs that involve an undergrad level of schooling and an intermediate level of learning.

Nepal National Education Academy is known to have a strong affiliation with Tribhuvan University (T.U.), which allows the college to implement necessary things for the study of Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) Microbiology. Likewise, together with the NEB board, the institution also regulates two programs that indulge in the basics of commerce, science, and the humanities. Moreover, the institution runs on the philosophy that creative, pragmatic, and purposeful schooling go hand in hand with theoretical proficiency, which is why this institution envisions constructing an academic balance in their administrative system.

Scholarships at NNEA

Scholarship schemes are mainly available to students who graduate plus two academic sessions and are showing great determination to enroll in the Bachelor program. Nonetheless, S.E.E. graduates are also respected with a significant discount in admission fees. Other than that, outstanding students have a great opportunity to obtain a special scholarship scheme at the Nepal National Education Academy.


Nepal National Education Academy comes with one of the most vivacious features and facilities there is: Science lab with cutting-edge technology, Library with insurmountable amount of books, hygienic cafeteria, vacant parking lot, big conference hall, E.C.A, Multimedia (Arts, Dance & Cultural programs), counselling classes and personality development sessions by renown individuals. At length, it is the salient feature that is beneficial to students one way or the other.

The various programs at NNEA are as follows:

BSc Microbiology

Bachelor in Science Microbiology at this college is implemented under the guidelines by T.U. It is a four year program that deals with the extensive study of living things. More than 700 students enroll in this program every year. T.U has about 25 colleges that run this academic program all over the country.

To specify, the major areas of study for students learning Microbiology are Environmental Microbiology, Food, Agricultural or Industrial Microbiology and Medical Microbiology or Immunology.

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