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Nepal Rastriya Nirman Secondary School can be found in Mulpani, Kathmandu. It is a commuity school which offers Plus2 program in Management studies. The institution have better academic environment and facilities for students to grow not only academically but holistically from well experienced, qualfied teachers faculty, resources and programs which it commences. Apart from Management, there are learnings available for child development, education and development, health and physical education as well. It is one of the popular academic institution in the area. Nepal Rastriya Secondary School also allows students to take part in sports event, college tours, seminars, trainings and other formal events. Students of Nepal Rastriya Nirman Secondary School emerge as morally and spiritually developed, academically sharp and contribute towards a better society from their invaluable knowledge and service to build up the nation for the new generations tomorrow.


Here are reasons to choose Rastriya Nirman Secondary School:

  • Co-ed secondary and higher secondary education
  • Leadership development
  • Better facilities and infrastructures
  • Well qualified teachers and staffs
  • Best institution for hotel management, business studies and computer science
  • New Management committee 
  • Excellent NEB results

Scholarships at NERANIS

Scholarships offered to outstanding students on merit basis and needy students requiring financial support.


The facilities of Nepal Rastriya Nirmal Secondary School are:

  • Well stocked library
  • Audio visual class
  • Computer lab
  • Hotel Management lab
  • Experienced teacher
  • Attractive scholarship
  • Security cameras
  • Alarm System
  • Bike Parking
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Alarm system

The various programs at NERANIS are as follows:

+2 Management

+2 Humanities

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