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Nepal Vidyapith

Contact Information

Phone: 01-5172047 | Email:

Nepal Vidyapith is a Plus2  Law, management, humanities and education College in Sahabhagita Marga, New Baneshwar Kathmandu. It provides high quality education from the new Management body of this foundation. It helps to transfer human values with moral and practical education. The knowledge aquired theoritically and practically by students from expert and experienced teaching faculty will help to transform their lives and improve the situation of global and locally. Nepal vidyapith offers excellence in teaching and learning. It is a A grade school from the hardwork of students in board exam results, and proper facilities and education offered by the faculty for students holistic growth. 

Why Nepal Vidyapith ?

Here are the reasons to select Nepal Vidyapith College:

  • excellence in learning and teaching
  • outstanding scholarship
  • discipline and smooth administrative departments
  • better learning facilities
  • Youth development program and social activities
  • College managed by imminent law personalities of Nepal

Scholarships at Nepal Vidyapith

Nepal Vidyapith offers 50 percent scholarship and 25 percent scholarship in tuition fees for first 20 students, and next ten students and 100 percent scholarship to first ten students depending on their academic performance, family background, and marks obtained in SEE exam result.


The facilities of Nepal Vidyapith are:

  • Fully equipped lab
  • Text books and reference books in library
  • Computer lab
  • Cafeteria
  • extra curricular programs
  • Scholarship
  • Sports
  • Parking
  • Counseling service
  • Conference room

The various programs at Nepal Vidyapith are as follows:

+2 Education

+2 Management

+2 Law

+2 Humanities