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Nepalgunj Technical College

Contact Information

Phone: 01-081-526930 | Email: | Website:

Nepalgunj Technical College affiliated with CTEVT offers Health assistance, Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Computer Engineering program, and a TSLC program in Plant Science. This institute has been accredited by Nepal Health professional council.


The facilities provided by Nepalgunj Technical College are as follows:
  • Well-spaced Multimedia Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Health Care
  • Conference Room
  • Scholarships
  • Job Placements


Nepalgunj Technical College offers technical programs of CTEVT applying following tools and techniques:

  • Audio-visual
  • Practical and Theoritical Projects

Extra Information

Nepalgunj Technical College has partnered with Udemy to offer its students tutorials on essential aspects of SolidWorks, Laravel deployment, PowerPoint presentations, and MS Word power shortcuts. These tutorials will enable students to complete their projects in a timely manner.

The various programs at NTC are as follows:

Certificate Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

TSLC Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Agriculture (Veterinary Science)