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Nepathya College is situated in Manigram, Tilottama 5 Rupandehi. This College is committed towards providing quality Information technology education that is managed by IT experts and professionals. It offers academic programs in world class environment and graduates are highly sellable in the competitive job market. It offers Tribhuvan University affiliated BCA and BScCSIT program and have proposed for commencing BIT program also. Students also get training from Nepathya College semesterwise such as first semester HTML CSS, second Node JS, third React and VUEJS, fourth project, fifth mobile programming language, sixth machine learning, seventh document presentation and project demonstration and eighth semester an internship. Besides there are eight other training programs provided by Nepathya College in technical studies. Students have a wonderful time learning and working in teams with Nepathya Sports club, Nepathya Robotics Club. It has co-operative partners with IT, research and training centers also. Nepathya College is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified institution.

Principal Message

Nepathya College is no less in any which way than Capital or abroad based education. It offers most attractive program on earth which is Information technology to enrich your career. We are empathetic to students and provide high level technical skills to make them competant and productive for labor markets.

Mr Sanjeev Bhandari


Why NC ?

Here are reasons to choose Nepathya College for studies:

  • Highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty which are IT experts
  • IT skill enhancing courses
  • Training class
  • Modern infrastructure and resources
  • meditation and yoga program for shaping mind
  • final year project defense
  • career counseling
  • Events like Global money week 2023
  • State of art facilities and resources

Scholarships at NC

The scholarships offered by Nepathya College are as per guidelines of Tribhuvan University to support financially to the outstanding students.


The facilities offered by Nepathya College are:

  • Clubs and events
  • Training
  • Library
  • Computer lab
  • Multimedia Classrooms
  • Scholarship
  • Career opportunities

The various programs at NC are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Ongoing Admission
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