New Horizon College

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New Horizon College offers nationally and internationally recognized programs in the national and international academic arenas. This college has a career-focused and life-long learning process. The institute offers multiple programs at the bachelor level, such as business studies, banking and insurance, science general, hotel management, and Plus 2 programs in science and management.


New Horizon College has these facilities for students:

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports
  • Counseling
  • Scholarship
  • Education Tour
  • Multimedia

Why New Horizon

New Horizon College stands tall for the following reasons:

  • Path of success in both national and international arena.
  • A practical approach to learning.
  • National and internationally recognized quality education.
  • Career-oriented learning outcomes.
  • Affordable and reliable name for high education in the region.
  • Proper infrastructures and environment for learning.

The various programs at New Horizon are as follows:

BSc General

Bachelor of Science general is study of science pure and applied courses with research based project works and practical works to know about areas and application in the line of pharmaceuticals, laboratory, statistician, chemist or as research associate from the curriculum designed by Tribhuvan University.

Bachelor of Business Studies

BBS program is four years Bachelor level program of T.U. at New Horizon College that helps to gain knowledge regarding business organizations, operations, and administrations from a general Management perspective. It helps to produce graduates in different sectors of employment within a managerial set up of national and international organizations to carry out roles of employees from various organizational department effectively and efficiently.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies is two years program at New Horizon College of Tribhuvan University. This program enables students to work as competant Managers and meet demand of high level Managers of an organization. The MBS program instills business and management concepts, develop entrepreneurial and research skills.