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Nil Kantha Campus

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Nilkantha Multiple Campus is situated at Dhading Besi city, the heart of Dhading District. Nilkantha Multiple Campus is the first college in that district established by committed educationalist and personalities of the district for the overall academic development of the district.

Nilkantha Multiple Campus is a non-profit community college affiliated under Tribhuvan University. It conducts Bachelor and Master courses under various programs. Nilkantha Multiple is the first institution that initiated Masters courses over that district. In Masters degree it offers general program i.e. M.Ed General. Under Bachelor programs it offers B.Ed General degree under Education faculty, BBS degree under management and BA program under humanities.

Nilkantha Multiple Campus has always been in the forefront in the district to serve the community with qualitative learning. The fees at Nilkantha Multiple campus is very moderate for students from different background. Teachers and Mentors at Nilkantha Multiple Campus does not only adhere to defined course and subject matters but they always aims to provide insights and practices that meets current market trends.


Although a community college, Nilkantha Multiple provides well furnished classes, with quality study materials and reference books in library. To meet the educational standard, it is equipping itself with modern ICT technologies. If you are wishing to study in Dhading, Nilkantha Multiple Campus can be a good place for learning.

Additional Information

Dhading is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains nearby. It is only few hours journey to Dhading from capital city of Kathmandu.

The various programs at Nil Kantha Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

Aiming to study Bachelor of Arts at Nil Kantha Campus? Join Bachelor of Arts and study a variety of subjects such as humanities, social and cultural sciences, language, music and much more. We have mentioned other details about the course and the reason to join this college.

Bachelor of Education

To have a career in the field of arts and want to know more about this course then the  Bachelor of Education (BEd) is there which prepares students academically and professionally for a teaching career at either the elementary or secondary school level.If you want to prospect more about this course then be a part of Nil Kantha Campus.

Bachelor of Business Studies

MEd - Master of Education