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Sumana Shrestha new education Minister wants to reform education in appointing University heads.

Sumana Shrestha is the new Minister of Education, Science and Technology in the Government of Nepal. She is on the cusp of amending the laws which governs Education in Nepal and also implementing the stalled School Education Bill 2080 in the parliament committee. Sumana Shrestha is also looking to amend the laws which are used to appoint Chancellors and Vice Chancellors in all the national Universities of our Country. She is looking up to appoint the experts in their fields as head of Nepalese Universities. All through her tenure she is aiming to make big reforms which will propel the Education field of the nation forward in performance, quality and major accomplishments which remained an impediment before. The Education Minister aims to counteract politicization in education at national Universities. Earlier works of the current Education Minister of Nepal Sumana Shrestha are Member of Parliament of National Independent Party, Trade Analyst, and have expertise in Economics and Technology fields.

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