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Nova International College was founded to offer practical and professional courses that enable students to navigate the globalized and open-minded economy with ease. The college aims to create a practical learning environment and develop individuals, empowering students to present themselves as professional candidates in a competitive and emerging society.

Nova International College is located at Minbhawan, Kathmandu Valley. It aims to get renowned globally for educational Excellency through its assurance to adapted tutoring, quality research, and prosperous community involvement.

Nova International College has achieved success in offering BBA and MBA programs in partnership with the International American University (IAU) located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Why Nova International College ?

The Management University of America (MUA) initiated business consulting company in 2000, focused on training leaders through team buliding, activity-based consulting which developed individuals to think beyond their comfort and accomplish real performance enhancement.

After success in business management, MUA was incorporated in the state of California in 2005 and turned into a classroom. In 2006, it got approval from CA State and lately, MUA was legally renamed as IAU with its importance on International business education. IAU offered associate, bachelor, master, and professional doctorate programs. Due to its previous experience as a business consultant, it was easy for IAU to create a proper curriculum and designated classroom engaged in business studies. The real challenge for them was to transform the curriculum to convenience for adult students. It helped students to get practical knowledge and get expertise in current business updates.

Why American Degree in Nepal?

  • International degree at an affordable cost
  • Easy dealing with globalization
  • Easily compete in this globally competitive market
  • Can easily get credit transfer to other American universities
  • Get detail knowledge about global market
  • Get  degree from Nepal  as well as America
  • Get your American dream come true


  • Fully equipped and latest condition computers in the computer lab with 24-hour access Internet
  • All the required resources available in the library
  • Various Sports activities for refreshment
  • Modern and hygienic cafeteria serving all kind of meals and beverages including preference for vegetarians.

The various programs at Nova International College are as follows:

BSc Nursing

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