Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus

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Located in Battar, Nuwakot, Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus is an affiliated institution of TU. It is an innovative and encouraging learning community that challenges students to transform themselves and the entire globe. The college focuses on experiential learning, preparing students to face real-world challenges. Currently, the college offers three bachelor's and two master's programs.



The cafeteria at Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus is hygienic and spacious. Several food items are served here. The college administration regularly inspects the food served at the canteen to ensure that the foods served at the canteen are edible.

Extracurricular Activities:

Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus arranges various programs both within and outside the college premises to enhance the overall personality of students. Apart from regular education, the college also lays stress on extracurricular activities.


Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus has a spacious premise and tranquil academic environment.

Computer Labs:

Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus has a well-equipped computer lab with a strong internet connection.

The various programs at Nuwakot Adarsha Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you want to highly qualified with broad knowledge of management by introducing them to advance skills in accounting, financing, marketing, and other several business areas, then join Bachelor Of Business Studies(BBS). Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus offers this course with a supportive environment.

Bachelor of Arts

Arts graduates help the students shape their inquiring minds that help employers evaluate conflicting points of view during their business operations. If you aim to adopt these skills in yourself, join Bachelor Of Arts at Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus and begin your journey now.

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Education

To become a successful professional in teaching sector, one should have a minimum qualification in Bachelor of Education(B.Ed). So, start your journey from Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus and extend your knowledge widely.

MEd - Master of Education

Master of Education(M.Ed.)is a respected postgraduate qualification, enabling you to specialize academically in education. Apply at Nuwakot Adarsha Bahumukhi Campus for doing this program.

+2 Management

+2 Education