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Olympia World Secondary School

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Olympia World Secondary School is an educational institution of technological fortitude, which is located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, and has a strong affiliation with the National Examination Board (NEB). Like many colleges, it provides +2 academic programs in Management and Science and humanities faculties. Ultimately, the rationalized focus of administrative staff on all three courses surely has its perks as the team at this institute can focus their energy and attention on improving the flaws that dwell within the faculties and syllables. 

Olympia World Secondary School stands out as a contemporary educational institution with an environment that promotes interactive ways of learning the same content more efficiently and productively. Consequently, it is the home to the very first Smart Class program in Nepal. This institute is a thing of joy to study, bound within the classroom environment that supports advanced technology which makes teaching all the more fruitful and wholesome.


Olympia World Secondary School has embarked on the journey of providing quality education to students with the mission of encouraging the creative, social, and psychological development of learners so that they are relevant to a high level of creativity, which can ultimately bring confide improvement in the nation's economy and development the other side of the same coin, this institute envisions regulating judicious and rational management which is capable of installing proper, well-defined catalogs of curriculum, determined and dexterous teachers, supportive parents and disciplined, confident, culpable, courteous, mannerly students who are more than ready to challenge the obstacles and hurdles of life.


Following the guidelines, policies, and syllables introduced by NEB, Olympia World Secondary School runs three (+2) programs including Science, Management, and Humanities.  As Olympia adheres to strict rules and regulations, these courses are adapted with syllables that are coherent with Nepal Examination Board. Also, students can garner the basic to intermediate knowledge of their concerned field as per their choice, and no prerequisites are required to undertake any academic program.

Scholarships at Olympia World

Olympia World Secondary School offers scholarship schemes for candidates who have acquired a remarkable feat or GPA in their SEE examination.


  • Olympia facilitates interactive learning classrooms that are distinct and exceptional.
  • It has a vast room that holds books like a god’s statue in a temple with more than two thousand stacked on the shelves.
  • There is also an availability of auditoriums for hosting seminars, awareness programs, and talent shows.
  • Likewise, this academic program offers intense sports activities for students as they deem physical health as pivotal as academic education.

Additional Information

Olympia World Secondary School is devoted to providing education that has a quality that cannot be compromised or undermined. It moves along, hand in hand with students, as the college believes that the success of students is the best way that the academy can succeed.

In a nutshell, Olympia World Secondary School is a sort of college that consists of a vehement, intellectual team of staff who are set on bringing the best out of every student and ultimately, those that can cultivate this culture which is more than adequate to harness the real potential of any students.

The various programs at Olympia World are as follows:

+2 Management

+2 Science

+2 Humanities