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Orchid International College (OIC) was founded in 2010 under the affiliation to Tribhuvan University. It was established by a dedicated group of people who are experienced in the field of Computer engineering, management professionals, and academic-related professionals as well as a renowned software company in Nepal. The main objective of Orchid International is to grant high-quality education that will assist students to cope with the current face of modern society and provide the key to success.

Orchid International College is committed more to management and information technology throughout the academic session including a strong foundation for success with more focus on practical learning and professionally preparing students.

The educational excellency of OIC is because of a good connection with reputed IT and management professionals, collaboration with renowned business ventures as well as highly qualified and experienced faculty staff and dedicated administrative members.

Currently, this institute is providing BIM, BSc CSIT, and BSW programs with full dedication and has outstanding outcomes from these programs.


  • OIC has been focused totally on individual learning and success. This institute is recognized for individual development so that the individual can grab the opportunity in this competitive market growth nationally as well as globally.
  • Students concentrate not only on the subject matters but also develop thought processes full of innovation and creativity. They can develop communication skills and create youth enthusiasm to contribute to society.


Research-based Activities

Orchid International College assists students in learning academic activities such as software development, system administration, and network administration. It features a dedicated research and development team that assists learners in creating their initiatives.

Organizational bonding

Orchid International College has strong bonding with different software companies, banks, IT consultancies, and manufacturing industries which provides an excellent platform for running internship programs assured with job placement in those organizations.


OIC provides all the necessary and resourceful collections of books, journals, and articles on each aspect related to various subjects. This library also provides resources that are kept on an online database which includes project reports, thesis reports, and case studies that can contribute updated information on related courses.

Computer Lab

 The key to success for IT students is proper technology infrastructure. For this reason, our college provides all the required equipment and computers with 24-hour Internet access.

Digital Electronic Lab

Orchid International College has the feature of a digital logic lab which will help students to obtain vital knowledge of digital devices. Such kind of lab has become very necessary in this digital world.

Workshops and seminars

OIC conducts various conferences, seminars, workshops, and presentations on various topics related to the current situation regularly. This will not only update students with current global activities but also boost self-confidence.

The various programs at Orchid Int'l College are as follows:

Bachelor of Information Management

Study Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), the course which combines both information technology and management course in order to build a strong foundation for the students in both aspects and qualify to pursue a career in one of these fields. Here, you can find all the details about this course and the merits of joining Orchid International College.

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Are you planning to indulge in the information technology field? B.Sc. CSIT provides you the intense knowledge in computer and information technology which prepares you to become a qualified professional in this field. For acquiring additional information, go through the given link.

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Studies

Ongoing Admission
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