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Padmashree International College

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Padmashree International College was founded in 2007 under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University with the objective of bringing global standards to the Food Science College in Nepal and producing highly competent scientific human resources. This institution has energetic professionals and experienced faculty members.

Padmashree International is ideally located in the center of Kathmandu Valley, Tinkune, with new buildings, which is the best location for public transportation access. It has kept its learning environment to high standards, with well-equipped, well-furnished, and large laboratories to provide proper practical and research work. Unlimited access to the library with all the resources needed for a high quality education, like books, magazines, journals, and other reading materials. Students are well facilitated with computers with 24-hour internet access, which is very convenient for students. Besides learning, recreation activities are also held with different sports activities. There are modern ways of teaching by using LCD projectors, OHP, regular talk programs, and seminars.

Padmashree International is currently offering a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), a BA in Business and Hospitality Management (BABHM), a Bachelor of Food Technology (B.Tech), and a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS).

Why Padmashree Int'l College ?

Padmashree International College stands out among other colleges on these grounds:

  • Excellent amenities,
  • Individually curated learning principles,
  • Academic and career counseling,
  • International recognitions and certifications,
  • The world's best amenities in hospitality, food science, and information technology.


The facilities provided by Padmashree College are as follows:
  • Padmashree International offers a variety of life skill programs such as negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, the art of forgiving, the art of living appreciatively, interpersonal, effective communicative skills, interview preparation, and personality development.
  • Parking space for students, faculty, and visitors as well.
  • Cafeteria with high-quality foods and snacks at an affordable price.
  • Bigger classroom with essential audiovisual teaching aids.
  • Counseling for careers, further study, and other counseling is conducted for willing students at Padmashree International College.

The various programs at Padmashree Int'l College are as follows:

BTech Food Technology

Padmashree International College is one of the few colleges that offers the B.Tech Food Technology program in Nepal. This program specially deals with food sciences and engineering. Thus, if you are interested in building a career in this field, then begin your journey with this college.

Bachelor of Information Technology

Padmashree's makes sure that it provides the best knowledge in computing degree to students wishing to get BIT degree from this college. To acheive its objective it works towards providing its students a solid foundation on the core computing subjects. Learn more about BIT course at Padmashree college affiliated under Nilai University, Malaysia. 

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the software industry, then study BCA at Padmashree International College and equip yourself with the required IT skills to become a good software developer.


BA(Hons) in Business and Hospitality Management program at Padmashree College is affiliated to Nilai University, Malaysia. If you are looking for one of the best BHM college in Nepal, then you can learn the complete details of the BHM course at Padmashree College by clicking the link here. 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the business and management industry? If Yes, then study BBA at Padmashree International College and equip yourself with the required business, marketing and management skills to become a good business manager.