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Padmodaya Secondary School

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The etymology of the word Padmodaya can be traced back to Prime Minister of Nepal “Padma Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana” who is considered as an iconic figure that liberated the common people of Nepal who were deprived of proper education.

It is how the original name —Padmodaya was established in the year 1947, 18th Feb (2003 BS Falgun 29th) as a way of paying homage to the Prime Minister. And it has stood the test of time till this day (though at the expense of some renovations) the campus still towers tall and sound at Ramshah Path, Kathmandu. Not to mention, it has ties with Nepal Examination Board (NEB) and Ministry of Education which approves of its academic programs that run from Class One to Grade 10, also, giving the option of furthering the higher level as well as plus two levels. Management, Humanities, Education, and Science streams are the obvious choice that students can pick out with their interest at hand.

Additionally, there’s a rumor that Kamala, the wife of Padma Shamsher had a condescending view about the manner Padma Shamsher donated and helped lay the founding stone of the padmodaya. Since then, the building was publicly called Kamala Bhavana.

Padmodaya Secondary School puts a huge emphasis on +2 programs so they hire technically the best tutors there are. The teachers are as keen as the institution to follow the strict guidelines of NEB.

Scholarships at Padmodaya School

Although the cost of plus two programs and school level academic courses is reasonably moderate, Padmodaya Secondary campus also provides scholarship schemes for students who demonstrate promising signs of academic brilliance.


It should be noted that the facilities in Padmodaya Secondary School marches in multitude. With the hygienic cafeterias, fully equipped science labs, library packed with books (Course as well as off course), decent computer labs, Monthly Journals, Counselling classes, Sophisticated classrooms, Parking, Conference Room, Extra Curricular Activities, Educational tours, talent shows and so much more, the institution allows the students to engage and participate that sharpens their own skills and talents.

The various programs at Padmodaya School are as follows:

+2 Science

+2 Management

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

+2 Law