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Palhi Campus

The Palhi Campus is located in Ramgram of Nawalparasi district. The Campus is situated in hilly region with peaceful environment. The main aim of the college is to produce highly competent and qualified graduates to meet the demand of organizations. The college also delivers lectures on innovative topics. The College offers different courses with specific field.

Why Palhi Campus

The Palhi Campus is stationed in Ramgram of Nawalparasi district. The Campus is a community college that has been established with the aim of providing education to all the people. The college has highly equipped libraries, classrooms, etc. The college also supports the financial aid to those students who cannot afford the fees. The college is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The plus to is administered by NEB (National Examination Board) Sometimes the college also organizes the various program such as music fest, sports tournament and debate, seminars, etc.

Extra Information

The various programs at Palhi Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

The BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) is a program supervised and designed under the Tribhuvan University. The Course runs for four years. The graduates should spend a large share of their life in a constantly changing environment. The student can have an opportunity to broaden the knowledge, concepts and reality-based skills. The graduates can work as entrepreneur, banks, etc.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts degree leads to number of opportunities to find a meaningful, rewarding and exciting career path. So,if you are clear about your strong aim in this field join Palhi Campus and start your interesting journey.

Bachelor of Education

The Bachelor of Education is of four years in which the students have to study one subject area as specialization major and the next is specialization major. The students can work as a teacher, journalism, consultant, etc

+2 Management

The management stream in plus two level is a strong foundation course on management. After the completion of the course the student can study subjects such as BBA, BBS, BHM and BTTM etc.

+2 Education

The Education course is the foundation course for the teachers at Lower Secondary Level. The course is designed with the aim of conveying basic understanding and developing several important aspects like educational background and its enhancement.