Paschimanchal Campus

Academic Programs

  • BE in Civil Engineering
  • BE in Computer Engineering
  • BE in Electrical Engineering
  • BE in Mechanical Engineering
  • BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering

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Located in Pokhara which happens to be a famous tourism destination of Nepal, Paschimanchal Campus has been operating since 1987 AD with the cooperation of World Bank and UNDP/ILO. The campus premise is spread on a land of 312 ropanis. It is commencing different Bachelors and Masters courses. The campus is committed to produce highly skilled professionals in the engineering field to address the need of the nation. Paschimanchal Campus believes that the process of teaching and learning is developed with skilled human resources, sound working environment, proper management of resources and proper planning.

According to the academic history of Paschimanchal Campus, it has excelled in achieving best academic records and also shown their worth in many extra-curricular activities. The campus is also a part of TU Institute of Engineering (IOE-TU), which is also one of the top technical education institutes in Asia.

The vision and mission of Paschimanchal Campus is to create a global standard engineering educational institution which is the center of professional and excellent academic research.

Paschimanchal Campus offers 6 Bachelors level engineering courses in Civil, Geometrical, Electronical, Electrical, Computer and Mechanical, and 3 Masters level engineering programs in Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Communications and Knowledge Engineering and Electrical Engineering in Distributed Generations. The academic programs run under 5 departments Electronics and Computer Engineering, Civil and Geometrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Science and Humanities.

Paschimanchal Campus

Principal Message

Er. Narayan Pradsad Gautam, campus chief of Paschimanchal Campus says that the college is devoted for development of highly competent engineering workforce in multiple disciplines. The institution is currently running six bachelors programs and is planning to offer master level education in the coming days. He further added, in order to catch-up with ever-evolving need of the pupils in the engineering profession, the college has formulated 5 years strategic plan to establish plan & policy in order to fulfill the need of the nation.

The college aspires to become the center of excellence by delivering the world class education in the engineering field. To achieve this, the college is providing qualitative engineering education through the highly educated faculties member and let students conduct and participates in various research activities relevant to engineering fields. The college is focusing on producing skilled and competitive manpower.

Academic Programs at Paschimanchal Campus

BE in Civil Engineering

Paschimanchal Campus has been offering the Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. It is a four year course designed to prepare grads to practice engineering professionally or to continue further education. The program deals with the design, planning, building and preservation of natural and physical environment. This degree holder can find job in diverse sectors, including engineering consultancies, government, non-government agencies, water, flood and development management and design and development firms. Students looking forward to enroll in this program should have completed I.Sc or diploma in engineering or +2 (biological group or physical group with 2 mathematics paper.

BE in Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Computer Engineering offered at the college under affiliation of TU is a four year academic program design to equip students with knowledge of computer software, hardware and network systems. The program covers subjects like Engineering Aptitude Test, Mathematics and English to name a few. This degree holder can think to work as computer & information system manager, telecommunication engineer, web developer/administrator, system administration, software engineer and system analyst. Students who have completed +2 in science discipline through board or university recognized by TU are eligible to apply for this program.

BE in Electrical Engineering

Paschimanchal Campus is offering the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering under the affiliation of TU. It is a four years long academic program designed to produce competent electrical engineers.

BE in Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering program offered at the college under affiliation of TU is a four year long program designed to develop skilled mechanical engineers. Students interested in pursuing this program should have passed +2 (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) through the board or university acknowledge by TU.

BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering

The college started offering Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering under affiliation of TU since long. It is a four year academic program consisting of eight semesters. The program is designed to produce electronics and communication engineers with sound knowledge and technical knowledge able to address the ever changing need of companies. Hydropower, industries, civil aviation, internet service providing companies and electronics devices manufacturing industries are some of the prime recruiters f this degree holder. Those interested in pursuing this program should have passed I.S.C or diploma in engineering or +2 (biological or physical groups along with two mathematics paper) with at least forty-five percent marks.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering

The Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics Engineering offered by Paschimanchal Campus under affiliation of TU can be completed within four years. The program is introduced with the aim of producing highly competent geomatics engineers. In order to be eligible to apply for this program, students should have passed +2 (biological or physical group with two mathematics papers), or I.Sc or diploma in engineering.

Scholarships at Paschimanchal Campus

Paschimanchal Campus is providing scholarships to deserving students each year. Scholarships are granted on both merit and need basis.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Professional and highly qualified teachers and professors devoted for excellence of the students.
  • Classrooms with well furnishing, lighting and ventilation equipped with the latest teaching facilities.
  • Library with more than 70,000 books, course manuals, references and journals.
  • Hostel service with the capacity for 408 boys and 70 girls in different buildings.
  • A cafeteria serving hygienic food at reasonable price.
  • An auditorium hall with the capacity of 350 persons and 5 seminar and meeting halls of different capacities.
  • A Health and Transportation services are also provided to the students of the college.

Additional Information

The college is offering master level program in Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Electrical Engineering in Distributed Generations and M.Sc. in Communication and knowledge Engineering.

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Paschimanchal Campus

  • Lamachaur,Pokhara, Nepal
  • 061-440457 ,061-440463, 061-440093
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