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People's Dental College and Hospital

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There are many colleges in Nepal which are affiliated to various Universities. People’s Dental College is stationed at the heart of Kathmandu. People’s Dental College was founded in 1997 A.D. and is one of the oldest colleges that has been authorized under NMC and certified with the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. It functions freely under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University (TU).

The main objective of People’s Dental College is to provide the latest training facilities for becoming a professional dentist and for meeting the country’s growing health care requirements.

This institution has various departments. Each department is delivered with infrastructural facilities and equipment’s along with the manpower to ensure the optimum ability.

Why People's Dental College ?

In various sectors, a huge bulk of money is being drained from Nepal. Most of the people go to India, Bangladesh as well as overseas annually for quality education in B.D.S. Since, all the resources are available in Nepal it is considerable to be the loss of national resources. The People’s dental college aims to provide quality education with friendly environment.

The college was established in 1997 A.D. with the objective of delivering the advanced training resources to all the people who wants to become a qualified dentists in order to meet the country’s need.

In this institution each department is accurately planned, organized and independent. The variety of Sectors are supplied with infrastructural facilities, equipment’s as well as manpower to establish best expertise. The faculty members of each sector are great academicians whose professional brilliance inspires the students.

This institution has three divisions. They are listed below:

  1. Clinical 
  2. Non-Clinical
  3. Basic Science

 Non- Clinical Departments:

The non-clinical departments have six divisions. They are:

  1. Dental Material
  2. Preclinical Prostho
  3. Preclinical Operative
  4. Anatomy
  5. Histology
  6. Oral Pathology

The various programs at People's Dental College are as follows:

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

It is the first stride to become a dentist to study BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). It is one of the fastest growing professions in Nepal as people in Nepal are anxious about their teeth. Dentistry is the branch which deals with the study of inspection, treatment of teeth, gums and other parts of the oral cavity.

The course is of 4 and half-year with one-year internship. The course runs on yearly basis. The evaluation of the exam is done on percentage basis. The BDS is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) and Kathmandu University (KU)

Eligibility for BDS course in Nepal:

The applicant should be a +2 graduate IN Science stream with physics, chemistry and biology with at least 50% marks for getting enrolled in BDS course. The next criteria is the age of applicant should be minimum of 17 years and maximum of 25 years old.

Master of Dental Surgery

Are you trying to upgrade your skills as a Dental Surgeon? Join People's Dental College and Hospital for pursuing your master degree in Dental Surgery. For more details about the course and the procedures to join, click the given link.