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Pokhara Engineering College (PEC) was established in 1999 A.D. and aims to shoulder an overwhelming number of technical students in the western region. Since the day of establishment, Pokhara Engineering College has been attempting many possible steps to get into the technical solutions of even the most common problems. Located in the beautiful and scenic environment of Pokhara, which is full of lakes, green forests, and the view of the Annapurna Range, the students here are happy to study here, actively participating in every activity. Pokhara Engineering College aims at equipping graduates with the skills and attributes needed for professional practice and leadership. Their main vision is based on themes of academic and personal development and professional achievement. Pokhara College provides sound foundations in engineering theory, technical expertise, and knowledge of professional practice.

The primary objectives of this institution are as follows:

  • To develop itself into a national center of academic excellence.
  • To impart distinctive quality education in the discipline of technology.
  • To promote this institution as a center of research that is equipped with the latest technological equipment in order to make research and innovation related to engineering possible.
  • Provide the deprived and talented members of society with education.
  • Develop the scenic Pokhara Valley as a quality technical education center.
  • Develop the physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential of a person to foster assurance and esteem in the being.


Pokhara Engineering College is renowned for delivering quality teaching services to its students. It is facilitated with all infrastructural requirements. It owns four large buildings that are facilitated with all the necessary amenities for the effective implementation of high quality technical education. Besides spacious rooms and buildings. It also has high-tech labs for all engineering streams such as Civil, Electronics, Computer, thermal and other. There is a vast range of well maintained, well-equipped Science labs of Physics and Chemistry. Besides this, the institution also has a well-resourced library with large volumes of text books and reference books, magazines, journals, e-books as well as access to the internet. The library also offers individual and group study facilities.

Pokhara Engineering College also possesses sufficient space for classrooms and lecture halls. Classes are medium sized that occupies 48 students, and this enables more interactive teaching approach.

Why Pokhara Engineering College

Scholarships at Pokhara Engineering College

Principal Message

The various programs at Pokhara Engineering College are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Study Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Pokhara Engineering College and gather in-depth knowledge essential for all civil engineers.The course also provides the flexibility to select voluntary courses as per student's choice and expose them to the breadth of civil engineering specialties.Come and join us and go through the overview we have prepared for you.

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

If you have an interest in maintaining complex electronics and communications skills, then join Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering. Through this course, you can gain information and skills regarding electronic machines and system fixing procedures. So, view the link for studying at our college.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Aiming to work in a dynamic professional field? Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering is one of the popular course among students which offers diverse career paths in hardware engineering and software development. Moreover, it provides an advance-level overview of computer engineering. Browse to know more information about Pokhara Engineering College. 

MSc Construction Management

Earn M.Sc. in Construction Management with Pokhara Engineering College and equip yourself for a management career in the construction sector. This program helps to gain insights into how the construction company operates in the world and discover to successfully manage projects. Read more for the further details and admission procedures.

Bachelor of Architecture

Diploma in Computer Engineering