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Bachelor of Architecture | PU (Pokhara)

The Bachelor of Architecture program at Pokhara University is a five-year studies under the School of Engineering and Transportation Studies. This degree aims to fulfill global guidelines in design education, producing skilled professionals capable of excelling in the field both in Asian countries and abroad. The course encompasses design and aesthetic theory, as well as practical courses on structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing, construction, and building.

The program duration spans sixty months, providing a comprehensive education in architecture. Upon completion of this course, graduates can expect to have a deep understanding of architectural principles, design processes, and technical aspects related to building construction and systems. They will develop skills in conceptualizing and creating architecturally pleasing, functional, and sustainable designs.

Throughout the program, freshers will have opportunities to engage in practical projects, hands-on training, and industry internships to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The curriculum is designed to equip graduates with the necessary competencies and expertise to succeed in the field of architecture, both locally and internationally.

Overall, the Bachelor of Architecture studies at Pokhara University aims to provide a comprehensive education that prepares students to become proficient architects, well-versed in architectural theories, principles, and practical aspects such as design, construction, and building systems.

Objectives of Bachelor of Architecture

The main objective of Bachelor of Architecture program are as follows:
  • The fundamental targets of this course is to structure the researchers in such a way that they will meet the global principles of architecture.
  • This course also includes site visits, field adventures, and introduction to new techniques to solve issues of the related field.
  • A full semester serves to compose the researchers with a lot of skills of solving and analyzing work before graduation.
  • Theoretical and practical teaching style will enhance their thinking, on the spot problem solving skills in their projects, plans and research.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Architecture

Confirmation Procedure

Nepalese Candidates:

Entrance exams are directed by the employees for confirmation. After the entrance examination, result are announced and selected candidates will be able to continue their further study.

Foreign Candidates:

Foreign candidates should have secured at least second division at the Intermediate (Higher Secondary) level with Science group, to be qualified for confirmation. They should visit to the respective representative for the further process of admission in this faculty.

Career and Scope

As students are well prepared with practical and theoretical classes, their skills and knowledge will help them to be well-established job holder in the best place.

Some of the job fields after this program are listed below:

  • Urban and regional planning
  • Interior design
  • Architecture labs
  • Building planning and
  • Almost all the areas of construction.