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This bachelor of civil engineering is the program provided by Pokhara University, is one of the oldest, broadest and known as the mother branch of engineering. The course deals with the development and maintenance of physically built environment like dams, roads, building etc. Duration of this course is eight semesters enrolled for four years. Around 50 core and elective courses are displayed through the 4 year session. The program deals with the practical, theoretical as well as field works via lectures and tutorial classes. Civil engineering is divided into many fields. Some of them are listed below:

  • Construction Eng.
  • Transportation Eng.
  • Structural Eng.
  • Urban Eng. etc.

List of Bachelor of Civil Engineering Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Civil Engineering program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Civil Engineering

After this program, our graduates are:

  • Trained to deal with the designs, operation, maintenance of the services and infrastructures.
  • Qualifies to understand the field of structural, resource, geotechnical, environmental, material, transportation.
  • Will have all qualifications for employment in civil and related professions.
  • Ensuring to analyze survey and handle the infrastructure development tasks where civil engineers plays vital role.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Eligibility Requirement for Admission:

  • To be eligible for this course, candidate must have passed I.SC and 10+2 examinations.
  • 50% marks in aggregate and 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is the minimum criteria for this program.

First Semester

  • MTH 111: Engineering Mathematics I
  • PHY 102: Physics
  • MEC 189: Thermal Science
  • MEC 109: Engineering Drawing
  • CMP 103: Programming in C
  • ELE 105: Basic Electrical Engineering

Second Semester

  • MTH 121: Engineering Mathematics II
  • CHM 103: Chemistry
  • CMP 104: Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • ENG 104: Communication Technique
  • MEC 178: Mechanical Workshop
  • MEC 121: Applied Mechanics I

Third Semester

  • MTH 211: Engineering Mathematics III
  • MEC 232: Applied Mechanics II
  • MAT 20: Civil Engineering Materials
  • WRE 250: Fluid Mechanics
  • ARC 216: Building Technology
  • ELX 201: Basic Electrical Engineering

Fourth Semester

  • MTH 317: Numerical Method
  • MEC 288: Strength of Materials
  • WRE 262: Hydraulics
  • SRV 201: Surveying 1
  • GEO 262: Engineering Geology

Fifth Semester

  • SRV 302: Surveying 2
  • SRV 303: Survey Field Project
  • WRE 351: Water Resources Engineering 1
  • STR 332: Structural Analysis I
  • GEO 373: Soil Mechanics
  • ENV 356: Water Supply Engineering
  • MTH 212: Probability and Statistics

Sixth Semester

  • WRE 353: Water Resources Engineering 2
  • GEO 383: Foundation Engineering
  • STR 340: Structural Analysis II
  • ENV 367: Sanitary Engineering
  • HYD 301: Engineering Hydrology

Seventh Semester

  • TRP 476: Transportation Engineering I
  • STR 410: Design of Steel and Timber Structure
  • STR 412: Design of RCC Structure
  • EST 441: Estimating Valuation
  • MNG 410: Engineering Economics
  • : Elective I

Eighth Semester

  • TRP 477: Transportation Engineering II
  • MNG 430: Construction Project Management
  • MNG 425: Professional Practice
  • PRJ 400: Project
  • : Elective II

Scope and Career Prospects

Civil engineers are employed in all major construction projects. A Civil Engineer main role is to plan, design, construct and maintain structures. Civil Engineer can work in private construction companies as well as for governmental public works or in universities; as a researcher or a professor. Students after this program can be a technical report writer or even a project manager.  

Career Opportunities:

  • Geotechnical engineer: landfill manager, foundation designer, geologist
  • Construction management: estimator, project engineer, scheduler
  • Engineering Research: government researcher, educational researcher
  • Public work: city manager, federal employee
  • Transportation: consultant, planner. Highway geometric design
  • Structural: analyst, designer
  • CAD-Engineer
  • Water resource: sanitary engineer, water relater structural engineer

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