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The Bachelor of Civil Engineering program provided by Pokhara University is one of the oldest and broadest programs, known as the mother branch of engineering. The course focuses on the development and maintenance of the physically built environment, including dams, roads, and buildings. The duration of this course is eight semesters, spanning four years. Throughout the four-year session, approximately 50 core and elective courses are offered. The program includes practical, theoretical, and field work, conducted through lectures and tutorial classes. Civil engineering is further divided into various fields, and some of them are listed below:

  • Construction Eng.
  • Transportation Eng.
  • Structural Eng.
  • Urban Eng. etc.

Objectives of Bachelor of Civil Engineering

After completing Bachelor of Civil Engineering program, our graduates will be:

  1. Trained to handle the design, operation, and maintenance of various services and infrastructures.
  2. Qualified to understand the fields of structural engineering, resource management, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, material science, and transportation engineering.
  3. Equipped with all the necessary qualifications for employment in civil engineering and related professions.
  4. Prepared to analyze surveys and undertake infrastructure development tasks where civil engineers play a vital role.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Civil Engineering

The eligibility requirements for admission to this course are as follows:

  • Candidates must have passed the I.SC and 10+2 examinations.
  • A minimum aggregate of 50% marks, with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, is required for this program.

Career and Scope

Civil engineers are employed in various major construction projects. Their main role is to plan, design, construct, and maintain structures. Civil engineers can work in private construction companies, governmental public works, or even in universities as researchers or professors. After completing Bachelor of Civil Engineering program, students can pursue careers as technical report writers or project managers.

Career Opportunities:

  • Geotechnical engineer: landfill manager, foundation designer, geologist
  • Construction management: estimator, project engineer, scheduler
  • Engineering Research: government researcher, educational researcher
  • Public work: city manager, federal employee
  • Transportation: consultant, planner. Highway geometric design
  • Structural: analyst, designer
  • CAD-Engineer
  • Water resource: sanitary engineer, water relater structural engineer

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