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Pokhara University (PoU) provides 4 years undergraduate degree, under the faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Transportation Studies IT, Computing Studies and Technology, which is termed as BEIT. This course is specially designed for the individuals who wish to continue their career in the field of IT.

The Bachelor in engineering focuses on equipping students with an ability of using the latest technology in computers and other communicational devices. This course will help students to understand the important aspects of IT such as operating system, software, and networks database.

List of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Some of the major goals of this Bachelor’s degree in IT are listed below:

  • Have extended knowledge and practice that includes a capability of using experimental, analytical techniques and designing software tools.
  • Show critical thinking aptitudes and capacity to learn and utilize data innovation for critical thinking.
  • Show comprehension knowledge of the skills and principles in design and capacity of utilizing extended administration tools.
  • Exhibit viable communicational abilities (composed, verbal) and interpersonal capacities (cooperation).
  • Distinguish, gather, break down and oversee data for a wide scope of data innovation issues and difficulties.
  • Show broad sense of professional, ethical and social responsibility along with ability to exhibit the understanding of the impact of technology on mankind.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get qualified for this course, one has to go through the entrance test. It is conducted every year by the Pokhara University (PoU). There is also a criterion to sit in this entrance exam. One must have to complete +2 (HSEB) with the subjects Math, Physics and Chemistry. Also, the student must have achieved at least 45%. With the combination of both past academics and entrance test, a student is evaluated for the admission in this course.

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Syllabus

First Semester

  • MTH 111: Engineering Mathematics I
  • PHY 102: Physics
  • ENG 104: Communication Technique
  • CMP 102: Problem Solving Techniques
  • ELE 105: Basic Electrical Engineering
  • CMP 103: Programming in C

Second Semester

  • MTH 121: Engineering Mathematics II
  • ELE 215: Network Theory
  • MTH 122: Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
  • ELX 213: Electronic Devices
  • MEC 109: Engineering Drawing
  • CMP 104: Object Oriented Programming in C++

Third Semester

  • MTH 211: Engineering Mathematics III
  • ELX 224: Electronic Circuits 1
  • ELX 212: Logic Circuit
  • CMP 336: Data and File Structure
  • MTH 213: Probability & Queuing Theory
  • CMP 302: Programming in Java

Fourth Semester

  • MTH 223: Engineering Mathematics IV
  • CMP 227: Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming
  • ELE 221: Instrumentation
  • CMP 387: Database Systems
  • CMP 386: Software Engineering Fundamentals

Fifth Semester

  • CMP 333: Applied Operating System
  • MTH 317: Numerical Methods
  • CMP 212: Computer Organization and Architecture
  • ELX 478: Principle of Communication
  • CMM 353: Signal System Processing

Sixth Semester

  • CMP 333: High- end Computer Architecture
  • MTH 317: Computer Graphics
  • CMP 212: Data Communication
  • ELX 478: Web Technology
  • CMM 353: Organization and Management
  • CMP 476: Object Oriented Design and Modeling Through UML

Seventh Semester

  • CMP 366: Multimedia Systems
  • CMM 481: Telecommunication
  • CMP 474: Computer Network
  • MNG 412: Managerial Economics
  • : Elective I
  • PRJ 300: Minor Project I

Eighth Semester

  • CMP 478: Network Programming
  • MNG 413: Project management
  • CMP 495: Social and Professional Issues in IT
  • PRJ 401: Project Work
  • : Elective II
  • CMP 477: Client Server Architecture and Application

Scope and Career Prospects

Job Prospects

Engineering has always been a popular career choice among Nepalese students. As with each passing days, the demand of a skilled manpower, especially in engineering sector is increasing rapidly. Most of the students, upon completion of their high school wish to pursue this degree. Previewing a part of it, Information Technology has become one of the most popular choices among them as new jobs are opening rapidly day by day. Engineers are paid handsome salary and finding a job is never an issue to them. This degree holder can work as IT consultant, computer forensic investigator, cloud architect, health IT specialist, software engineer, web developer, and mobile application developer and information technology vendor manager among others.

What IT engineers in Nepal do?

  • Software Developers
  • Hardware engineers
  • System Designer
  • System Analyst
  • Network Engineers
  • Data Administrators

In government sectors they can work in:

  • Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog)
  • Nepal Telecom
  • Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

And in private sectors:

  • They can work in different multi-national companies.
  • Do online jobs as a freelancer.

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