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The Bachelor of Science in Environment Management (B.Sc in Environment Management) is an interdisciplinary academic program that gives a strong foundation in the areas of agricultural ecology, water resources, soil science, and hydrology. The program is designed to prepare grads for careers in industries and government departments that deal with the preservation of biodiversity.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management degree offered by Pokhara University (PU) is spanned over a period of four years. The program comprising of eight semesters and 120 credit hours provides students with knowledge and skills required to recognize and evaluate the technical, scientific, and qualitative components of issues. The program covers subjects such as Geology and Soil, Introductory Physics, Introductory Chemistry, Introductory Biology, Fundamental of Mathematics, General English, Ecology and Science, Chemistry, Microbiology, Applied Mathematics, Communication and Technical English, Sociology and Environment and Fundamental Economics etc. In the eighth semester, students need to work on the thesis.

List of B.Sc. Environmental Management Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for B.Sc. Environmental Management program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of B.Sc. Environmental Management

Some of the major objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To enable students to apply technology and theory while dealing with the issues.
  • To enable students to scrutinize mitigation and remediation strategies for diverse environmental hazard.
  • To prepare students to work in a team collaboratively while dealing with issues.
  • To equip students with management tools and prepare them for further education.

Admission Requirements in B.Sc. Environmental Management

Students interested in pursuing Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management program should have completed +2 or intermediate in Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry and other technical subjects. In addition to this, students need to appear in the entrance test conducted by Pokhara University.

Required Documents:

  • Attested copies of mark sheets and character certificate of SLC and 10+2 or PCL equivalent
  • Duly filled and signed application form

First Semester

  • General English
  • Fundamental of Mathematics
  • Introductory Biology
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Introductory Physics
  • Environmental Geology and Soil

Second Semester

  • Communication and Technical English
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Ecology and Environmental Science
  • Environmental Chemistry

Third Semester

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Fundamental Economics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Biodiversity and Biotechnology
  • Hydrology and Meteorology

Fourth Semester

  • Environmental Resources and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Economics and Trade
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Policy, Laws and Conventions
  • Project Management

Fifth Semester

  • Sustainable Tourism Management
  • Environmental Management System
  • Environmental Assessment Techniques
  • Envionrmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Governance
  • Geo-Information Management

Sixth Semester

  • Comprehensive Environmental Planning and Conflict Management
  • Disaster and Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Urban Development and Environmental Management
  • Integrated Watershed Management
  • Environmental Technology

Seventh Semester

  • Aquatic Environmental Management
  • Climate Change and Society
  • Research Methodology
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • Emerging Issues, Seminar and Proposal Writing

Eighth Semester

  • Thesis (Research Work)

Scope and Career Prospects

After the imposition of environmental protection legislation in Nepal, the demand of skilled human resources in environment management at the local, regional, and central level's enforcement agencies is increasing. Grads with this degree can find career opportunities in NGOs and I NGOs along with other voluntary and statutory organizations.

Job Prospects:

This degree holder can find employment opportunities in an array of fields including state departments, commonwealth, & agencies accountable for the conservation, water, climate change policy, and environment. Grads can find job opportunities in:

  • Environmental Science Consultancy for government
  • Environmental Regulatory bodies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Marine and Coastal Management
  • Land Rehabilitation
  • Research
  • Mining

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