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This MBA Finance program is intended to give an advance course in administration for people looking for senior positions in industry, trade and open administrations. Like all Master of Business Administration degree projects, these courses concentrate on administration and business techniques. MBA programs with a prominence in finance require more coursework in financial arranging, financial aspects, bookkeeping and other comparative topics. Courses may incorporate the following:

  • Choice making for development and administration
  • Investigation of prospects and choices
  • Corporate fund
  • Bookkeeping
  • Administration data system
  • Store network administration
  • Issues in administration and associations

Master in Business Administration (Finance) offered at the Pokhara University requires two years (69 total credit hours) to complete. This course is divided into six terms. The program comprises of specialization concentration, finance core courses, management core courses, foundation courses & elective courses. Students are ought to take Internship project in the 5th trimester and in their final trimester they have to undertake Graduate Research Project.

List of MBA Finance Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for MBA Finance program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of MBA Finance

Students will show investigative abilities in taking care of financial related issues. Students will be learning about moral issues in fund.


Students will show the capacity to:

  • Analyze and oversee chance in a worldwide setting.
  • Estimate the value of genuine or monetary resources.
  • Survey the impact of key monetary arrangements on firm money streams.
  • Students will recognize moral points of view on the social obligations of a financial proficient.
  • Students will have the capacity to pass on account information through compelling correspondence.

They will learn to think basically, as well as to take that level of speculation and impact change in socially and morally responsible ways. They will apply business information in various circumstances and will have the capacity to convey effectively.

Admission Requirements in MBA Finance

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be qualify for MBA (Finance) program, Applicant must have to pass fifteen years of schooling that includes 3 years of undergraduate degree in any programe with either  2nd division oir 2.0 CGPA.

First Semester

  • STT 501: Business Statistics
  • ECO 511: Economic Analysis for Business
  • IMS 521: Management Information System
  • ACC 515: Financial Reporting and Analysis

Second Semester

  • ACC 516: Managerial Accounting
  • COM 505: Managerial communication
  • STT 502: Data Analysis for Decision Modeling
  • FIN 531: Financial Management
  • MKT 561: Marketing Management
  • MGT 542: OB and Leadership
  • COM 506: Communication Skill Practicum

Third Semester

  • ECO 512: Macroeconomics and the Global Economy
  • FIN 541: Corporate Finance
  • MGT 543: Human Resource Management
  • FIN 561: Investment Management
  • RES 611: Business Research Methodology
  • : Concentration I
  • MGT 631: Graduate Seminar Corporate Governance

Fourth Semester

  • FIN 551: Financial Markets and Instructions
  • FIN 571: International Financial Management
  • MGT 546: Operations and Service Management
  • MGT 548: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • : Concentration II
  • : Elective I

Fifth Semester

  • : Concentration III
  • : Concentration IV
  • : Elective II
  • MGT 548: Internship

Sixth Semester

  • MGT 549: Business Environment Analysis
  • MGT 550: Strategic Management
  • RES 612: Graduate Research Project
  • : Seminar in (Concentration Area)

Scope and Career Prospects

The connected nature of our MBA course will expand on your past managerial experience and helps you to move forward in expert improvement. This program can lead you to have:

  • Higher salary
  • Advancement opportunities
  • More prominent employability
  • Adaptability in an advancing employment market

Graduates of Master of Business Administration in Finance projects can fit the for administration level positions in the world of money. Some mainstream career includes these:

  • Budgetary Controller
  • Budgetary Analyst
  • Operations Director
  • Administration Consultant
  • General Manager
  • Division Chief
  • Business Development Manager
  • Credit chief

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