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Pharmaceutical Sciences is a scholarly field that covers the advancement of pharmaceuticals and their applications. The mission of the this University with this course is to accomplish the highest standard in scholastic research and also preparing and teaching the future pioneers in this field who will help the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and fundamental life sciences, pioneers who can serve in medical organization, and drug specialists who can assume a dynamic parts in the region of highly advanced medical care.

List of Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Natural Product Chemistry Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Natural Product Chemistry program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Natural Product Chemistry

Medical chemistry is a complex logical course whose aim is to create key components that can affect human wellbeing by finding, outlining, combining and characterizing effective specialists for disease help and analysis. The research includes a multidisciplinary methodology enveloping chemistry and biology which includes natural combination, protein and nucleic corrosive (acid) science, natural product science, computational chemistry, sub-atomic chemistry, cell biology, pharmacology and proteomics.

1. You will figure out how to outline and portray/characterize new medical operators and improve the biological action of existing pharmaceutical specialists.

2. You will figure out how to utilize biophysical, structural biology and cell-based screening innovations to distinguish characteristic and manufactured mixes for pharmacological movement and to lead structure-based drug plan.

3. You will portray/characterize, and integrate compounds focused around natural items.

First Semester

  • NPC 511: Natural Product Chemistry I
  • NPC 512: Natural Product Chemistry II
  • INS 591: Instrumental Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • RES 592: Literature and Research Methodology
  • PHY 593: Phytochemestry and Phytopharmaceutical
  • SEM 1: Seminar I

Second Semester

  • NEP 513: Natural Product Chemistry III
  • NPC 514: Nature Product Chemistry IV
  • ELE 594: Elective I
  • ELE 595: Elective II
  • SEM 2: Seminar II

Third Semester

  • PHG 611: Natural Product Chemistry V
  • ETH 691: Human Ethics
  • ELE 692: Elective III
  • SEM 3: Seminar III

Fourth Semester

  • : Thesis
  • : Seminar IV

Scope and Career Prospects

  • The scope of this program is sufficiently wide to give students with various science background for further study.
  • Some of the jobs field are listed below:
  •  Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
  •  Consultant Pharmacy
  •  Government drug store – Armed Services
  •  Government drug store – Public Health
  •  Healing facility and Institutional Pharmacy
  •  Managed Care Pharmacy
  •  Pharmaceutical Sciences

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