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A multidisciplinary program, Master of Science in Construction Management prepares students to function effectively in the ever-evolving environment of the construction business. The program fosters the development of students' financial knowledge, technical proficiency, entrepreneurial skills along with the business acumen required to achieve success in this dynamic industry.

The two years Master of Science in Construction Management program conducted by the Pokhara University aspire to educate and train multifaceted professional to understand and conduct a wide range of technical & non-technical activities related to construction management. The syllabus teaches students about the ways of incorporating several kinds of contractual relationships governing the contractor, architects, subcontractors, consultants and the owner along with the indispensable skills of negotiating, bidding, leadership and application of the strategic business plan. In order to complete this program successfully, students have to cover 90 hours credit full-time study, consisting courses such as Project Planning Control, Economic for Construction Managers, Statistical Analysis and Construction Project Management among others.

List of M.Sc. Construction Management Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.Sc. Construction Management program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of M.Sc. Construction Management

The major purpose of this program is to produce graduates with advanced expertise in the field of construction management including the ability to plan and execute diverse projects. Some of the specific objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To enable students to exhibit analytical and integrative expertise in project analysis and operations.
  • To enable students to (apply technical skills and knowledge to execute the complex project plan).
  • To prepare students to function individually as well as in team effectively.
  • To provide students with analytical skills, enabling them to organize, schedule and plan complex projects.

Admission Requirements in M.Sc. Construction Management

Eligibility Criteria:

Students interested in pursuing Master of Science in Construction Management need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Should have bachelor degree in any stream of architecture, engineering, or surveying from university or board acceptable to the Pokhara University
  • Should have secured at least second division marks


Selection Procedures:

Selection is made on the basis of applicant's academic performance and entrance test score, conducted by the university.

Required Documents:

While applying for the admission, the applicant should submit following documents:

  • Verified copy of academic certificates and character certificates
  • Duly filled and signed admission form
  • Recently taken photographs

First Semester

  • MGT 511: Project Planning and Control
  • MNG 512: Human Resources Management
  • STT 505: Statistical Analysis
  • ECM 521: Professional Ethics and Liability in Construction
  • ECO 201: Economics for Construction Managers

Second Semester

  • ECM 522: Construction Policies, Environment and Law
  • FIN 521: Financial Management
  • ECM 523: Construction Project Management
  • ECM 524: Management of Construction Plant and Equipments
  • : Elective I Environmental Impact Assessment
  • : Elective I Geographic Information Systems
  • : Elective I Operational Research
  • : Elective I Concrete Technology
  • : Elective I Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Engineering

Third Semester

  • ECM 621: Construction Project Engineering and Administration
  • ECM 622: Construction Safety Engineering
  • RCH 601: Research Methodology
  • ECM 623: Construction Management in Developing Countries
  • : Elective II Water Resources Engineering
  • : Elective II Mountain Risk Engineering
  • : Elective II Conservation Management
  • : Elective II Hydropower System and Management
  • : Elective II Power Plant Systems
  • : Elective II Bio-engineering

Fourth Semester

  • ECM 625: Thesis

Scope and Career Prospects

This program provides the students with an array of employment opportunities. This degree holder can think about working for architectural engineering firms, sub-contractors, real estate developers and general contractors.

Job Prospects:

The Master of Science in Construction Management degree holder can work as:

  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Site Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Building Surveyor
  • Building Control Surveyor

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