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Prithu Technical College

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Prithu Technical College (PTC) is a highly reputed educational institution situated in Lamahi Municipality Ward-3, Bangaun, Deukhuri Dang, Nepal. Its establishment dates back to 2013 AD, and since then, it has emerged as a pioneer in providing top-quality education in the field of agriculture. Prithu Technical College is offering an extensive four-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in agriculture in affiliation with Tribhuvan University.


Prithu Technical College has a unique methodology of Earning and Learning. Students are involved in commercial Agriculture during the course of study which helps them to earn and learn at the same time.

Why Prithu College

At PTC, the foundation of their educational philosophy is built on core values. First and foremost is their commitment to delivering education of the highest standards, ensuring students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. The college encourages innovation and creativity among students and faculty, aiming to drive advancements in agricultural practices and technologies. PTC also fosters a culture of professionalism, instills ethical values, and prepares students to excel in their chosen careers. Upholding integrity in all aspects of education and research is another significant value for PTC, promoting honesty, transparency, and accountability. Furthermore, the college provides students with practical exposure and real-world experiences to develop a deeper understanding of agriculture and its challenges.
PTC envisions becoming the preferred provider of a diverse and progressive educational environment. The college strives to enrich the lives of students, employees, and the community at large by committing to excellence in education. Through a dynamic learning environment, PTC aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the constantly evolving agricultural landscape.

Extra Information

At Prithu Technical College, the admission process is based on merit. Prospective students who do well in the entrance examination have a better chance of getting admitted. This system ensures fairness and transparency, giving deserving candidates who perform well in the entrance exam the opportunity to join the college.

To make sure that prospective students have all the important information about applying and getting admitted, PTC quickly puts these details on its official website and notice board. These details include deadlines, requirements, and how to submit applications. It's important for prospective students to regularly check the college's website and notice board for any updates and announcements about admissions.

The various programs at Prithu College are as follows:

BSc Agriculture